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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Day

It has finally come.

Tomorrow is our last day at Euro-Peds.

I'm sad about it. It's not really for one single reason. It's for a collection of reasons.

I feel like we've finally gotten into a groove with Christian's therapy. He's doing so well. I'll miss our little routine.

I'll miss our PT, Miss Shelly who has worked non-stop with Christian for four hours a day for two weeks. She's grown to be proud of him and cheer for him as much as I do.

I'll miss our drive to the hospital every day in the morning through the beginning of the pretty fall leaves of Michigan.

Speaking of Michigan, it grew on me. So different and so far away from home, I was pretty dumb struck when we first arrived, thinking How did we get here and where is the Target?

But now I know my little area, we've been to the mall, we have a favorite deli, I found a Target and I'm a little sad to go home.

Of course, I miss my home, my husband, Gabe, so much and I'm very excited to get back to life again.

However, I almost wish we had another week of therapy here. Christian has gained momentum in this second week and I just hope I can keep it going for him and build on it when we get home.

Manny comes to get us tomorrow so we can leave on Saturday. My sister and her family, who came to help during the second week, will be on their way, too.

All good things come to an end, I guess. But I'm ever so grateful for this opportunity for Christian and I hope that one day in the future, when time permits, I can help other families get these same opportunities for their kids who need it.

See you in Tucson!

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