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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fun for $1500, Please!

I actually had fun with this blogction!

Fun? You ask. Yes, FUN! I think it was because I was more comfortable with the blogging style auction and because it was a slightly smaller auction, it was a lot easier to handle.

We raised about $1500 for our Euro-Peds trip, specifically for Suit Therapy during the intensive physical therapy over the course of two weeks.

This is so awesome and so above and beyond what I thought we'd raise. Especially considering that I only decided to try and do an auction a month ago so I only had a month to organize the whole thing. And I had very little to auction off!

But all came through! And we had some kick ass donations, if I do say so myself. We're so blessed to have such creative, talented, and generous people in our lives. I think that's what made this blogction the most fun.

And in true fashion, just like last time I closed the blogction, I'm off! We're off, actually. We're taking off to Michigan tomorrow morning. It wasn't supposed to be quite like this but as it turns out, we couldn't get a flight Sunday so we had to go tomorrow...tomorrow morning...and it's after midnight...and I'm blogging...and packing...and organizing bidders to emails to winners to items. Goodness.

Anyway, I've gotta a run but thank you, again, to all of you who participated in the blogction, whether it was donating an item, bidding on an item, or just promoting the blogction, I'm so truly grateful. I know it's tough out there right now and very, very busy. So I appreciate any single second of thought you've given to my son and my family.

Good night! See you in Michigan!

P.S. -Special shout out to Jenny and Pam! You two are the bestist.

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