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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clearing a Path

Oh me, oh my there is a lot going on this week.

Today we visited the Neurologist. I was actually looking forward to this because I was not excited to put Christian on another seizure medication but I reluctantly conceded about two months ago. Yes, it was against what I originally wanted and planned, but it's very seductive when you're told..."Well, there's this might work...we'll know right away." But I knew this one wasn't going to work because we did a trial of it months and months ago and it made things worse. It's Valproic Acid (Depekote). But in order to give the doctor the benefit of the doubt and to at least say I gave it a fair shot, I went against my judgement.

Well, whaddya know. It seemed to make things worse. Awesome.

Luckily, the neuro said that if it wasn't helping, we could stop. Just what I was thinking.

I told him today that I've done further research and I feel pretty strongly about starting the Ketogenic Diet. It's got some notable success in seizure control with kids like Christian that don't have a cut and dry seizure disorder. He's sort of all over the place just like his injury. So it's hard to pinpoint but the diet is successful in 2 out of 3 children who try it. It's not an easy choice, believe me. It will take work, but seizure control is so worth it. Christian is so worth it.

All I need to do now is secure a pediatric dietitian and it's on! I'm excited. I'm not putting all my eggs in this basket. But I can say that at least I'll know...I would hate to try all this poison (dramatic much?) when all the while the Ketogenic Diet could be the answer. On the flip side, if it doesn't work, then it can be put to rest once and for all and I won't be wondering about it all the time.

So we'll begin the process when we get back from Europeds, God willing.

Speaking of Europeds...we're getting ready to go! I cannot believe this is actually happening. But that's just how it's gone for us. Stars align, I guess but I choose to believe God has a hand in it. He's in charge of aligning stars and clearing paths and such.

And speaking of clearing paths...I must clear a path to the blogction!

The site link is located on the side bar at the very top but here it is again...Christian's Europeds Blogction.

We've got some really great stuff. Stuff I really would bid on if it wasn't counterproductive. But I will sit here and be jealous of whoever wins those chocolate cupcakes...those truffles...those homemade pickles...that photo session in lucky ducks!

Have fun bidding and thanks ahead of time for supporting Christian!


Anonymous said...

Hi, you dont know me but I found your site through the hugs for near drown page. I just want to say im a nurse that works with a little boy who is on the ketogenic diet and it works well for him. they have to tweak it everyso often when he gains weight but he was on a seizure med phenobarbital and now he isnt. So good luck :D

Sarah McFarland said...

Shauna a friend of mine in Nevada has a son with autism. Right along with early prevention treatments (lots of different things, she was/is very proactive, like you!) she changed his diet to a ketogenic diet. She noticed changes immediately, and marked changed within 2 weeks. It really worked for them, and very soon it became a habit and not a struggle to follow it. It has done so well for him though, with his neurological system (forgive me, I know almost nothing about it) and helping him break through his limitations previously physiological. I hope it works for you, and like you said, if not, you tried! Also, it's not injecting lots of strange things in him or anything, it's a little less invasive, but possibly more effective!

Jendioguardi said...

Here's wishing you the very best of luck with the Ketogenic Diet! I can completely understand your desire to try something other than medication. I hope it goes well!

I can't wait to bid on some of those awesome blogction items!!! =)

rachel said...

I have also seen a lot of success with the ketogenic diet. I think it's hard at first, but once the preparing becomes routine, it will be easy.....much luck and hugs to your babies (big and small ones!)

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