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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Step Toward Something Bigger

So in my last post I was talking about Something Bigger.

Well, I finally made the decision to take a small step toward that something bigger.

When Christian's accident happened, our local media really left a bad taste in our mouths. We weren't interested in talking to anyone and allowed the PR person for the fire department to do all our talking. But there was some misinformation out there about Christian being found at the bottom of the pool, which wasn't true, and a few other things that really aren't that important to the average reader but it's our story so it's important to us.

When Christian was transferred from Northwest Hospital to University there was a news crew that filmed the EMT's taking Christian out of the ambulance on a stretcher and rushing him into the hospital. They also got footage of me going in after him. It all felt kind of slimy and invasive that they'd be waiting there for us almost ambulance chasing.

We were asked to give our story several times and we turned it down just because of our not so positive experience. And things were emotionally very raw for us, so who wants to give an interview in that kind of state? So we declined.

Until recently.

As I've posted, Lola was enrolled in ISR swim instruction. Our awesome instructor also teaches the children of a local anchor. Our instructor shared our story with the anchor, the anchor read this blog, and wanted to do a story. She emailed me about possibly doing the story. I thought - Is this our something bigger?

I was nervous. Really nervous about it. In fact, I had to think about it. AND this was right smack dab in the middle of the Anonymous Poster stuff.

So I thought, Can we really handle this? Why open our lives up to this? We don't need this.

I asked God what to do. And then I got an email from a friend who follows Christian's Journey. It explained how much Christian's story had inspired her and helped her through her own journey with her son. I read the comments, I got facebook messages, about how much of an inspiration Christian's story has been to so many people.

Talk about something bigger.

I really believe in listening and listening very carefully when God starts talking, if you haven't already noticed.

I thought maybe this can make a difference. Maybe Christian's story is bigger than our little family. Maybe it's meant to help others. And we want to help others, we wanted to pay it forward. We got help, we are still getting help. Why not give it back?

So I decided to say yes.

A lot of people were worried for us. I think behind their worried looks they were wondering if I was crazy. They were worried we'd open our families up to...well, you know. I was worried, too. But then I thought about it and our family is tough. Our family has gone through hell. We can handle this if it means we might touch others or inspire others or alert others.

Over the last three weeks Kimberly Romo, the morning anchor at KGUN in Tucson has been working on our story. She did such a great job and really made sure I was okay with everything.

I didn't tell anyone when it would air. I casually mentioned that it might be happening at some point but I didn't tell anyone to set their DVR's. Mostly because I wanted to see it first. Silly, I know. But I certainly didn't want to publicize something I wasn't proud of or couldn't stand behind. I can stand behind this.

So here's a little step in our something bigger...

A few things...

The eating footage isn't the greatest because Christian was about to nap. In fact, he did nap right after everyone left.

At the end of the footage, Kimberly Romo mentions how I am inspired by others who've found joy after tragedy. This is really for all of you special needs mommies who have been my example. You've shown me how to find the rainbow after the rain. Especially, Heather, if you're reading, you and Sam were in my thoughts when I said it.

I was asked if I wanted to start a support group. I said yes, but not just for near drown children. I'd like to start one for brain injured and special needs children in our local area. Just to clarify.


Sarah McFarland said...

Wow Shauna, I'm stunned and so proud of you for doing this. Maybe this is your something bigger, or your stepping stone to something bigger, but either way it was incredibly brave of you to do this for Christian and for other parents.

Baby Billys Mom said...

That was beautiful Shauna!!!

ferfischer said...

This is awesome Shauna! You're braver than I! I can't believe you kept this a secret - sneaky! I always think it's great for folks to see what our families look like - people hear about the accidents and are involved for a while, but then it's gone, and our life goes on! Way to go, girl!

pinksarahh said...

That was awesome! They did a good job on the story! It is so good to see your family and to know that you are doing something "bigger"!!

giddyup said...

I think it was truthful and tastefully done. Good for you Shauna. That was a hard call but I think it came out beautifully. Love, Aunt Pammy

The Wife said...

They did a phenomenal job on that!! I've been following your story since the beginning from a messageboard. I was a lurker on the board, but your story has really touched me. You are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!

Jendioguardi said...

Shauna, I think that it's incredible you've taken such a huge step and shared your story with the world. I'm sure it was a difficult decision but your story has already changed so many lives, it's certain to change many more. You're amazing! It's because of you that Christian has come so far. He's such a lucky little guy.

Emilia's Mama said...

That was wonderful Shauna! I am sitting here in tears! I am so happy that Christian has come such a long way and I know he will go even farther! I am so awed by your strength and vision, you are a wonderful mom and I am so blessed to "know" you and Christian.

Kimberly said...

That was really precious - seeing how you interact with Christian, watching Lola play around him, hearing your family's story. I hope this is a positive thing for you and your family and that lots of good things that come from it!

Emily said...

Definitely something to be proud of! I thought it was really well done and you are such a brave mommy for putting your story out there for the world. I definitely think it was the right choice. I have no doubt that this will help other people.

Meredith said...

Wonderful video! Your love for Christian comes through so strongly and he is such an amazing little guy! I love seeing Christian with Lola and Manny.

Mick Morris said...

Hi Shauna,

It really is hard work putting yourself out there, inevitably some trolls will come out of the woodwork and be unpleasant, but just hang in there.

I'm glad you got a great producer helping you out and doing you and Christian justice.

It is also really hard work figuring out how to make sense of what has happened to Christian and your family, but hats off, you seem to be doing great.

If I can be of any support to you setting up (even from the other side of the globe??) please let me know.

Alicia said...

That is so awesome, Shauna!! I am so proud of you taking this step. It sure is a big one! Great video and story!

HeatherS said...

Thank you Shauna....what a great video and I'm so proud of you for turning this into something positive.

It's hard to take something that hurts us and put it out into the world. You handle this with such strength...thank you for bringing us into your life :)

Reece said...

You are one amazing woman. You just continue to amaze and Christian both. This whole story just pulls you in and rips your heart out and replaces it with a great big huge rainbow and puts your life in a completely different perspective. Christian is so lucky to have you as a mommy. And you are so lucky to have him. Your bond is incredible. By the way, you are so beautiful and you are just glowing!! Thanks for sharing.

Brooke said...

Oh wow Shauna!! That was an AWESOME story and so well done!!! Of course I am sitting here wiping the tears off my face for so many different reasons. But bottom and Christian continue to be fighters and continue to move forward in this whole process. I admire you SO much for all you continue to do for your family!!! Stay strong and you too Mr Christian!!! Keep playing with little sis Lola who OBVIOUSLY loves using Christian as a jungle gym! Loved seeing the interaction!! XOXOXOXO

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