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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Okay, so I know I said we were taking a break from appointments a couple of posts ago.

Let me explain what that means - we are taking a break from all the extras like HBOT and cranial sacral therapy. We still have our routine appointment every now and then, but they are far from every week.

But I guess that all changed when I actually typed it out on the blog. After putting it out there, the appointment fairies all of the sudden started fluttering their wings. As such, we have our regular pediatrician this week to go along with our orthopedic doctor visit.

There's a reason we're seeing these guys this week - multiple reasons.

We've made the decision to go to four weeks!

Europeds is very similar to Napa in California. It's pretty much the same type of therapy. I had heard about Europeds, I don't remember where exactly, but I started researching while researching for therapy programs.

I do want to say that I still love Napa! I really do. But at this point, Europeds is attainable for us. Napa would have to wait until next year and the logistics of Europeds just fits for our family right now.

Europeds was the first of its kind to bring the intensive model therapy to the United States from Europe. It's affiliated with a doctors' hospital and is a nonprofit. I was really impressed with their customized programs. Christian will be attending a two week program. At the end of the program, there is a customized plan of therapy with pictures and instruction on how to continue the therapy at home.

One thing we do know is that with only just one week of intensive therapy, Christian gained greater head control and is able to hold is head up midline for a longer period of time. He started this after Napa and still has it and his PT has commented about it, too. We saw good, solid changes in Christian so this is the type of therapy we're going to pursue.

This is why we're visiting the pediatrician and orthopedic doctor this week. We need recent hip x-rays to determine the course of therapy for Christian. I'm praying there has been no change and that Christian's hips are still okay but I'm prepared for news that says otherwise. It's just how it is with these kids. We also need to get fitted for new splints for Christian because he is a giant and his splints have worn out their welcome, so to speak.

Wow, maybe it does sound like we have a lot going on, but to us it's just normal, I guess. Some parents travel for their kids' soccer or cheerleading tournaments, we travel for therapy. Same story, different plot. We're all just parents trying to make our kids happy.

The countdown begins! Europeds, here we come!


Jendioguardi said...

This is awesome. I'm so excited for you guys! I remember how excited you were for Napa and how amazed and thankful you were when you were done. This is an excellent alternative to traveling to CA for his therapy. I can't wait to hear about how it goes and to see his progress. Yay for Europeds!! XOXO

HesterFamily said...

How exciting - and I love their "never underestimating a child"!! Our speech therapist has been saying that from the get go and I love it - NEVER underestimate!! Can't wait to hear how it goes! I'm sure Christian will be rocking it!!!

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