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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rockin' the Boat

Christian has been on fire lately!

He has been seriously rockin' it.

Gather 'round folks, it's analogy time.

See, this journey is very much like being on a boat in the ocean. Waves take you forward and back, side to side, there ups and downs. Some times the seas are calm and sometimes they're hell. There are also times we hit dry land. This isn't as bad as the moving back or facing a downturn, but it isn't the greatest.

Hitting dry land is the waiting game at its worst. It's when nothing happens. Nothing changes. When someone asks if your child is doing anything new, you reach and reach to the back of your mind and all you can come up with is, "Well...."

But then the boat takes off! Sometimes you're not even informed the boat is about to set sail, it just starts going. Well, this boat has left the dock and I'm just starting to catch my breath!

First I have to say the eating is going great. We visited Christian's GI doctor and his blood work to evaluate his nutrition is pretty close to perfect, which is to be expected taking already supplemented formula.

The GI doctor was so excited that Christian not only passed his swallow study but had a "strong swallow," according to the report. So naturally the GI doctor wanted to know how much I was feeding him. I told him we're only doing breakfast right now. He suggested maybe we try three feedings by mouth a day! Ooookay, doc. Let's slow down a little. We're going to do what Christian wants to do. And if you want Christian to do something, you better get him to do it before 2PM. After 2PM, Christian is done for the day.

So I put Christian down on his boppy pillow for tummy time and Christian initiated pulling his head up all by himself. This is a much better tummy time position for him because it protects his g-tube from too much pressure, which can sometimes bother him. By the way, Christian stayed like this for a good 5 minutes! I couldn't believe my eyes. He lowered his head and picked it back up again. He held himself up like this long enough for me to make a huge deal of it, run around and look for my camera, locate my memory card, put it in the camera, and finally make it back to Christian (who was still holding himself up) to snap pictures.  

And then he held himself up nice and strong (with a little support from his PT for his huge noggin) with straight arms. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of this kid. Do you know that just months ago we had to work to even get his wrists to bend back like this? Now it's pretty effortless. SO HUGE!!!

All in all it's been a pretty busy boat ride these last couple of days. And we've moved forward a little so that always makes for a nice sail.

Now, I have to get to bed. Gabe's going to sleep away camp tomorrow! I'm so excited for him!


Emilia's Mama said...

Absolutely fantastic! We all knew he was awesome and now he's just blowing us all away! Keep up the great work Christian! We love ya!

Alicia said...

Infreakincredible!!!!! What a way to start my morning!

Way to go Christian!! I am so proud of you! Keep making your own way and you will go far.

Rochelle said...

Cool! We are way proud of you, Christian.

gavman306 said...

Go Christian!!! He looks sooo awesome in all the pics, it is so uplifting! Seeing this has made my mornng keep it us brave boy! I hope your Gabe has a great time at camp!
Love and God Bless,
Melissa Sinclair

Jendioguardi said...

Oh man! Look at him! Holding himself up all big and strong!! I love how he held his position long enough for you to get this great shot. He's just proving to the world that NOTHING is impossible!! MUCH, MUCH LOVE!!! KEEP FIGHTING SUPERMAN!!!

I hope Gabe has a blast at camp! I know he'll love it. Thinking about you all.

Jenn said...

Yay Christian! That little guy amazes me!! I've been following his blog from the start and he sure is a fighter!!!

giddyup said...

Nothing amazes me more than the Lord and His mercy. HE knew Christian is a fighter! I wish I were there to give him a victory hug! Happy to hear about Gabe's trip.

Mel said...

Go Christian Go! We knew you could do it and you are. You are the miracle baby (well not a baby anymore). I am so excited for you guys. :)

Annie said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! Love the photos! Go Christian!

Brooke said...

Oh holy WOW!!! Those are some pretty significant steps! Christian is definitely the BOMB!!! Shauna I know you must be just beside yourself every time you see such progress!!! Congrats Mr Christian!!!!! Hugs and smoochies from us down here in Florida!!! :-)

Kim said...

that is really awesome! Isn't it fun just when you think things have plateau'd they continue to amaze!

Eliisa said...

He is a ROCK STAR! Go Christian!

D said...

I'm so glad to see he's improving so quickly now!!! <3

Also... I was wondering if you could add me to your blogroll (you're on mine!) Or even better, if you could put my button on your page. (The html code is on the right side of my blog to copy and paste).
Dana & Lilian

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