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Monday, June 7, 2010

There's Your Sign

June has a lot in store for us!

But first, I forgot to mention how it went with the graduate students in the vision program for the U of A. It was great and Christian was nice and active for the students. I was a little worried he might not perform for them. There are some days when he checks out and doesn't do anything. But that day he responded to what they were doing and some of the toys they were using. They got to come up with different ways to exercise his vision and brain.

In this picture, we used one of his toys (a musical piano that lights up when he hits the keys), and the teacher covered parts of the toy with black cloth. This was to allow him to focus on certain colors or areas of the piano. He reached over himself to the toy. I didn't think he'd react but he definitely did react to partially covering parts of the piano.

Then the students experimented with mirrors. Christian is generally pretty responsive to mirrors, as well. I've heard (and the teacher reiterated this) that mirror images can sometimes be overwhelming to kids like Christian because it's too much information to take in. So they will overt their eyes. Christian doesn't always react but when he does he seems interested in the little boy staring back at him.

So we tried it at home, too. In these pictures he's not looking into the mirror but he still looks like my gorgeous little boy.

All in all it was a great experience. It was only supposed to run about an hour but we stayed for 2 hours answering questions and telling the story.

So what's coming up?

Well...we're going back to Napa Therapy Center! And we're going next week! Ahhhh!

This is how it happened...

We were supposed to go in July for the full three week program. A few things fell through and didn't turn out as planned so we decided we'd at least go for a week. This would mean we'd have to go in June.

But the whole thing wasn't sitting right for me. I'm a huge believer that when things are right, they will fall into place. I kept feeling like this trip to California was forced. And I tend to get nervous when things are forced. I couldn't commit to the idea and wasn't looking forward to the trip.

So I finally just prayed about it. I prayed that God would reveal to me whether this is the right path for Christian or whether we should wait.

I shared my feelings with Manny and he agreed that maybe now wasn't the right time for Christian.

Fifteen minutes later my mother in law showed up with a check in her hand for Christian. Her friend, Rosa, had collected donations for Christian without us even knowing about it.

There's your sign.

I figured that was answer enough. I prayed again for clarity last night, woke up this morning, and felt like we should take him.

So we're off! Early Sunday morning we're heading to Los Angeles again for a week of intensive therapy. I'm comfortable with a week because we'll be able to see if Christian responds well to the therapy so we can make plans as to whether we'll pursue more intensive therapy in the future.



Lucy and Ethel said...

'Amen' is right... on all counts :)


Anonymous said...

When its right, its right and God has a way of showing you the way! Glad things are working out in a way you are comfortable with. Good Luck to Christian. Brock is doing his 3 week intensive right now and he's pooped out today. But he will learn so much.

Lisa & Brock

Alicia said...

Well, that was certainly a "God Wink"!! I'll be praying for a good, fun, and productive trip for you all.

Becca said...

Hadn't stopped by your site in a while, Christian looks wonderful :-) Glad to hear good news,
Jasper's mom

Lindsey and Santana said...

We ALMOST went to Napa next week when there was a drop out!!!! But not enough time to get babysitters. =( That would have been AWESOME to see you there!

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