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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The PT always suggests Lola get involved with Christian. So sometimes we'll bring her over so Christian can see her while he gets stretched out. As Lola gets more active, she'll be crawling, walking, and jumping all over Christian, like any pesky little sister would do. It's important to let her crawl all over Christian not only to "inspire" him, but to toughen him up so he's not so sensitive to sudden touch and movement, especially with one of those little sisters hanging around.

Here's what happened...

This isn't what I meant when I told Christian to "keep fighting!"

Or maybe it was...

It looks like I'm a mean mommy allowing my two munchkins to go at it, but nobody got hurt, there were no tears, and only a few whines of protest from Christian. But he held is own.

Such a fighter.


GnJand Hailey said...

looks like big brother and little sister are working it matter the circumstance! go christian! go lola! you all rock!!!!

Alicia said...

I love it! Way to go Lola! And way to hold your own, Christian!

Jen said...

"Wrestling" in toddler and infants is so important to development. I learned this when my then 3 year old twin boys were being evaluated. they both have a very very mild form of autism. We were suggested to try and convince them to wrestle, now they don't stop.

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