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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To The Ocean!

We're going to the ocean. We're going to lay on the sand and soak up the sun with a proper sunblock, of course. The babies will have swimsuits and hats and smell like coconut and sea salt. We'll get henna tattoos and eat dollar tacos by the sea. It will be magical.

I'm even more excited that the babies will be going. The last time we went to this particular place I was pregnant with Christian - seven months to be exact. Manny and I walked on the beach and Manny told me that when Christian was born we'd bring him to that particular beach and put his feet in the sand.

This beach is so very special to us. It's where family has bonfires and lights fireworks. It's where our skin burns no matter how much sunblock we use. It's where Manny and I took our first vacation together. And it's where we honeymooned.

So we're taking our boy back to his beach so he can fittingly put his feet in the sand. He'll need some help. But that's what Mommy and Daddy are here for. I know he'll love it. I know it. Just from his reaction to the beach in San Diego, I know it will be awesome.

I also put him to bed with a recording of ocean waves in his ear. It calms him to dreamyland almost every night.

But, alas, the prince didn't feel so well this morning. He woke up just fine and then threw up. He's hardly been throwing up at all lately, but I still wasn't alarmed. Then he threw up again. Still not a big deal. Except that he started crying. And crying. And sobbing. Like a real little boy sobbing. Tears and swollen eyes and coughing and snorting.

I gave him a bath and a lotion-y massage and it calmed him. He was fine until I moved him to the floor for therapy and he started crying again. He wouldn't let the therapist do anything. Then he wouldn't calm down unless he was held. He was the saddest little thing. He had a nap and hasn't been as upset as he was earlier but he did have a wannabe fever of about 99. I know that's usually nothing, but my flag goes up at 99. I gave him some Tylenol and he's been sleeping it off ever since.

So prayers and good thoughts that he'll be back to normal tomorrow. I do hope he feels better. The beach is waiting for him.


Alicia said...

Oh poor boy. It makes me so sad to read how sad and uncomfortable he is. I hope and pray he gets better soon.

That beach sounds like heaven! I hope your family has a wonderful time and it is everything it is supposed to be for you.

Get better soon, little man. Surf, sun, and sand await!

Serline said...

If it's any consolation, half way around the world, my baby, hubby and I are taking turns going through the same ordeal. Hang in there!

Maggie said...

How's he doing now??

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