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Monday, April 12, 2010

Phoenix Tomorrow!

Deep breath...and....exhale...

The auction is over! That was exciting and quite an experience.  I was blown away by how many generous people there are out there that are willing to donate items for bidding. People are just so willing to help! It continues to amaze me over and over again through this journey. And it doesn't hurt that we raised over $1900! God is good!

So what will we do with this money?

I've got a few things percolating.

The first thing starts...tomorrow!

We're spending a week, Monday through Friday, in Phoenix. I'm packing up the babies and leaving the guys here (Mom's helping, thank God!). We're going to Phoenix to do more ABM therapy with a new practitioner who I was very impressed with just by our conversation we had over the phone. We'll do two sessions a day for five days again. I'm excited but a little sad that I'll be leaving Manny and Gabe for the week. We haven't been apart like this since we were staying at Hacienda in Phoenix last summer. We may swing by to visit our friends at Hacienda if we get a chance.

Anyway, if we get some good results with ABM, we'll continue with this particular therapy. If ABM isn't the way to go, I'm still considering going back to NAPA in Los Angeles. NAPA is the intensive physical therapy program that would last three weeks. I think I've mentioned this before but it's the complete opposite of ABM.

Something else worth noting is that we're on a break from hyperbarics. Since September, we've basically gone straight through, attending five days a week, with the exception of December when we took a long break. We also sometimes miss a day or so here and there.

I still believe in HBOT and believe it has helped Christian. It's just that...he is not liking it right now. Okay, he hates it. Every time we go, as soon as we enter the chamber, Christian starts crying and doesn't stop until we exit the chamber. It's constant crying straight through the session. It's not the pressure, it's not that his ears hurt, it's not the face mask. It starts as soon as we sit down before the door even closes.

So I finally came to the decision that he needs a break from it. We'll reevaluate it in another month and hopefully start back up again. But I'm not going to put him into a situation that is very obviously causing him stress. I really believe this is a phase. He used to cry and freak out when we'd go over speed bumps and now he doesn't do that anymore.

Now he can handle himself a bumpy ride. Lord knows he's had his fair share of bumpy rides, he has adapted, and prevailed. And there's a ton more prevailing he's gotta get to.

Beginning tomorrow...

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Alicia said...

Have a great week and good luck in Phoenix! I hope ABM does what Christian needs it to. Sorry to hear about hyperbarics but I think you are doing the right thing in giving him a break. Hopefully he will feel better about it after a while.

Have fun!

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