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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cut Off!!!

I am cut off from the outside world!!!

Okay, not so much the outside world, per se, but the world wide web, yes...I'm cut off!

The place where I'm staying has wifi but no signal in my room. I'm completely lost. And what a great time for this to happen - right at the close of auction when I'm supposed to be notifying people about their items and notifying donors to send the items!

So, please, bear with me. I'll be home Friday and I'll get all caught up over the weekend, I swear!

And how's Phoenix? Challenging. I'm so thankful that I have my mom with me to help. Christian has been so irritable for most of the trip and has cried his way through most of each day we've been here. It's been exhausting for the both of us, but for him more so, I'm sure.

ABM is going well, I finally figured Christian would just do better sitting on my lap. Luckily, ABM can be done this way.

I've got to make this short. Christian is upset, I'm feeding Lola, and typing with one hand in the dark.

Time to go back to our room!


Rochelle said...

Please don't stress yourself about the auction. I'm sure everyone that participated will completely understand and be patient. Is there a possibility that you could get moved to a different room where you'd have wifi access in your room? Glad ABM is going well.

Makenzies Miracle said...

Oh the good ole Ronald Mcdonald Resort and spa! I remember that computer room.....eek! Hey at least you are eating American food! Can't wait to hear more about your trip! hugs from Costa Rica!

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