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Friday, March 19, 2010

Say It Ain't Snow!!!

Say it ain't snow!

The time has come. We are forced to leave snowy Denver and head back to sunny Arizona. Rats! We had a wonderful week of ABM therapy, family, friends, good food, and...snow. Well, I asked for it, didn't I? And boy did the weather deliver today. I don't think there was a time I looked outside when it wasn't snowing.

The funny thing is that it was warm and sunny two days ago.

On one of the not-so-snowy days, we got the best gift. It was a day at the park with my mommy friends and a photo session by Mary Elizabeth Graff Photography. She's a friend of my mommy friend, Jenny, and she took the time out of her day to come and take pictures of us with our (sometimes uncooperative) beautiful children. When I say "uncooperative," I really mean "pissed off because it's sunny and windy." And when I say "children," I really mean Christian.

Anyway Mary did an A-MAZ-ING job! So without further ado, presenting the work of Mary Elizabeth Graff and my beautiful mommy friends and their super duper babies!


ferfischer said...

Glad you got all the seasons here in one week! ha! I am honored to have met you, and I hope we see a lot more of each other in person, very soon! Like I said in my blog, pictures don't seem to capture our kids well, no matter how hard we try, but Christian looks terrific! And the shoulders to cry on are simply the best. Thank you.

tracyikeel said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!

Anonymous said...

The photos are beautiful!!! Mommies and kiddies look wonderful:)

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