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Monday, March 1, 2010

Feet in the Sand and Other Tidbits

Nothing is better than a vacation. Especially a vacation that includes therapy. And even more especially - a vacation with a car ride that Christian tolerated there and back. Double especially a vacation that included a stop at the beach! Okay, now I'm getting carried away with the especially's. I'll stop.

Seriously, it was a great trip. One thing I was worried about was whether Christian would tolerate the 7 hour car ride. Positioning can make or break a vacation that includes a large amount of driving. Christian just did so well, it made my vacation.

The therapy was great and we really want to return soon, hopefully in May, if possible, for the three week full intensive program. I think Christian would really benefit from this therapy so I'll keep you posted on our future plans with Napa.

So we spent Thursday and Friday doing therapy and then on Saturday I met up with some of my August Mommy friends, which was fun. But the day was rainy so we really didn't get to take the kids to the beach. We decided to stop at Mission Bay on the way home so we could put Christian's feet in the sand.

I was really worried he wouldn't like it. You know, the beach can be windy and cold. I took him out of the car and he immediately started to shiver and squint from the light. His body stiffened up. Great...he hates it, I thought.

I put his hoody sweatshirt on and his baby shades. All was right with the world.

How can you tell your child, who doesn't talk, smile, or laugh, likes something?

Body language.

As soon as he had his shades on with his hoody, his whole body completely relaxed. That tells me he loves it.

So we decided to sit in the sand. I didn't care if we got dirty.

We put Christian's feet in the sand.

He went home with sand in between his fingers and toes. We could have stayed there listening to the waves forever. (They were about 5 footers!)

Lola wanted to join in the fun.

So did Daddy.

Other tidbits to mention:

  • We're going to Denver in 2 weeks to try ABM therapy!

  • Thank you to EVERYONE who purchased a candle for Christian! WE SOLD OUT!!! There are even back orders. So I'll be contacting those who have backorders, but we will be getting more candles soon. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

  • Christian's friend Cici is having an online auction ( March 14-21. All proceeds go to Cici's therapy treatments. She's got some really cool stuff, including a picture painted by Miss Cici, herself.

  • We have an online auction coming up the first week of April so stay tuned for details!


maz said...

Love the sandy toes....looks like a great trip! So glad Big C enjoyed it!!! :o)

sunflourchic said...

What a great trip, so glad you all got to go to the beach. Love Christian's shades, he looks like a little beach bum! :)

Yay for Colorado, excited to hear about that and I know you'll get to meet Jenny & Cici & family which will be just as wonderful as the ABM therapy!

gavman306 said...

great post, Christian looks likehe is just chillin at the beach!! Loves the great pictures too!!

Alicia said...

I just got a chance to read the last post and I have to say, Christian looks so good! I love the head and neck control, he is doing great! Challenging our little ones creates progress. And I love the pictures in the sand, so awesome!

Glad to hear the trip went so well and I hope your trip to Denver goes just as well. Let me know if you want to try to hook up while you are there. We live about an hour South of Denver and we could try to drive up to meet you. Message me on FB if you think it is possible. If not, we'll catch you next time around.

Have a great day!

Colton's Journey said...

YEAH for beach action!!! I read your blog often and love to see each day the progress he makes!

HesterFamily said...

So glad to hear things went so well. I love how relaxed he looks. Also got my candles yesterday and LOVE them!! Such a great idea! Can't wait to get more!

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