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Monday, March 22, 2010

After ABM

So what did you think?

This is what everyone wants to know about ABM after our trip to Denver.

Manny and I both agreed we definitely saw more focus and attention in Christian than we've ever seen in any therapy session Christian has ever done.

What it looks like...

Well, the ABM practitioner, Andrew, did a lot of small movements that were meant to encourage Christian to initiate movement on his own. He's been more interested lately in rolling so this is what Andrew was working on - encouraging Christian to roll. I think the ABM therapy built on that new and existing desire, definitely. This is, really, how a brand new baby learns to move - by rolling.

But back to the focus...Christian was so engaged. His eyes were wide and he'd look for Andrew sometimes if he heard his voice behind him. You could really see Christian trying to figure things out. And even though the movements seemed small, Christian seemed like he was trying so hard. It's really hard to explain.

Another thing that happened when we would visit Andrew is that Christian would start moving his arms. He does this pretty regularly, but it's kind of random. If he feels like it, he'll do it. But every time I took him to see Andrew, his arms started flapping and waving his arms like he was going to take flight.

He is such a little blackbird.

The little movements are slow, but very important. See, Christian can have therapy all day and all night. But can he retain it? Can he remember it? Can he get there himself? These little questions, these little gaps of information, are what ABM looks to fill.

After what I've seen and heard, I think we're going to pursue this therapy. I found a practitioner in Tempe, which is about an hour away. So next month, if things go as planned, we'll be visiting Tempe for a week for another intensive ABM session. This means twice a day for five days.

So, as mentioned before, we're planning an online auction so we can pursue this therapy. The auction is set for April 3rd and there will be more details to come soon. But for now, if you're crafty, if you make things, if you have any unused gift cards, or just want to donate a service, please send me an email


Alicia said...

I am so very happy this therapy was so good for Christian! I have grown to love the tiny improvements we see with our kids. I've heard people call them inchstones (instead of milestones). I think this is a great way to describe them because, even though the progress is slow and almost undetected by the naked eye at times, it is progress just the same. And any move forward is so important, no matter how small!

Christian is such a rock star!!!

Shauna Quintero said...

I love "inchstones!"

ferfischer said...

That's a much better way of describing ABM than I do - where I usually say something like "oh, it's a bunch of gentle movements doing stuff I don't understand" HA!

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