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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Second Opinions


Let me back up...

In December we visited an orthopedic surgeon about different pops I heard in Christian's legs. I thought it was his knees, PT thought maybe it was his hips, so we x-rayed.

When we x-rayed, we went to a third party x-ray office. They determined that the x-rays showed "possible hip dislocation but x-rays were inconclusive." At the time I thought, "Okay, just pop those hips back in."

Hips are not like other joints you can "just pop back in." It's a serious and painful surgery. It's a huge deal. So the orthopedic surgeon, we'll call him Dr. H, suggested we cut his adductors immediately which would land him in a lower body cast for six weeks.

Mama Bear was not entertaining that idea. So we looked into Botox in the adductors, I discussed other procedures with another mom, but I kept wondering about it. Dr. H said Christian's hips were already 50% or more uncovered, or out of the socket. Dr. H. said he didn't think Botox or physical therapy would be able to make any difference. Surgery was really the best option for Christian at this point and we should do it yesterday.

50% or more? And in six months? It just didn't make sense in such a short period of time. And Dr. H never ordered a second set of x-rays. He made the determination for surgery off the "inconclusive" x-rays.

So I asked Christian's PT, OT, and EI lady and they gave me suggestions. I wasn't going to give it another thought but curiosity got the best of me and I called and made an appointment. I could get Christian in within a week. And, besides, I wanted to make sure we were putting the Botox in the most needed areas of his body. We didn't make it to the first appointment last Tuesday because I was sick and they were able to reschedule right away for today. All signs pointed to go.

The new orthopedic surgeon, we'll call him Dr. N, walked in. He was really nice and laid back and had an intern with him. He asked about Christian's history and I started to tell him, "Christian nearly drowned in July of last year..."

He said, "I'm sorry."

It came out of nowhere, but I felt a knot in my throat and I had to overt my eyes away from him. In moments like this I find that if I just keep talking the knot will go away.

He examined Christian and remarked that he was actually impressed with his tone and range of motion. Just by the examination and how wide he could get Christian's legs spread, he determined, "Adductors do not need to be cut at this time."

Then it was time for x-rays.

We were led back to the examination room after x-rays and waited for the results. I said a prayer out loud. I prayed that God would let us win this battle today. We don't get to win all of them every day, but this one...please?

Dr. N walked in with the intern and said, "I'm glad you came today."

Uh, oh.

He then proceeded to tell me that Christian's hips were 100% normal for his age. They are 0% uncovered. No dislocation.


I said, "Oh, thank God!" out loud. Twice.

Dr. N. went on to explain what this means to the intern and they did measurements on the x-ray and talked about what is within normal range for an 18 month old. I asked about his professional opinion about Botox and where it should go and he said, "I'm not even sure he needs Botox as long as you keep stretching him." He prescribed a special pillow for Christian to sleep with and asked to see him back in six months.

Christian's hips are normal right now. It might not be that way in six months or a year (although I have full belief they will be fine). But today... this battle was won.


ferfischer said...

AWESOME. I'm so glad. Sometimes you need to stay away from the doomsday doctors (like I like to say) and at least get someone else to look. Also, I'm not sure the knot in your throat will ever go away - sometimes mine catches me totally off guard. I guess I should learn how to keep talking too. (we have our "hip" appt in March. *sigh*). Oh, and can you send me the info on the special pillow, pretty please?

gavman306 said...

AMEN!!! You are such a good mama bear!!

sunflourchic said...

i have full belief they will be fine also. :)

GO SHAUNA!!! i love how you fight for christian. i love how you "know" what to do and you do it.

Eliisa said...

Ridiculously awesome news. You keep fighting for that sweet boy, Shauna. Just goes to show how GREAT you are at it!

Anonymous said...


You are filled with the Holly Spirit, he is telling you what to do, please keep listening to him as you've been doing so far. Your faith and honor to God will make Christian's journey filled of blessings. The Lord is shining his love upon you and your loved ones :)

May God Bless you, little Christian and all your loved ones.

Suzanne said...

That is fantastic news Shauna!! One battle at a time! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that something is going in the right direction for you and I'm glad that your son who has a mom that recognizes the limitations of medicine and medical providers. I hope good news continues to come your way.

Sarah said...

Shauna I am getting goosebumps reading!! Awesome - Go Christian!!! xo

Rochelle said...

Perfect hips! What a blessing! :)

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