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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feel the Love

!!!Happy Valentines Day!!!

I'm not a die hard romantic or anything, but it's fun to celebrate LOVE!

And I'm sure my kids loved it when I propped them up, outfitted in Valentine's Day attire for pictures. It's their favorite thing, as you can see.

"Oh no, not this girl again."

"Hey Lola, how about we be quiet for the picture, k?"

We were also able to FINALLY get the delivery of Christian's tumble form chair and bath chair that we ordered back in September when we left Hacienda. But Hacienda botched the order (surprise!) and, long story short, we got it Friday. The stroller is still en route, whatever that means. It's ordered, approved by insurance, just waiting for it to actually get here. Grrr.

But here's a picture of Christian in his new red tumble form seat playing with his silver pom pom.

And...hmmm hmmm...notice anything different?

I have to say I am so grateful to get that shower chair. I wish I'd taken a picture so I could show it to you, but it's kind of like this one. It's the same idea, but the one we have takes up less space and is less bulky looking. Anyway, when you have a special needs child, or any child for that matter, things need to become more efficient, like, yesterday.

I've been giving Christian baths by sitting him up in his baby bathtub. It works well enough but the hoisting him in and out of it was hard and stressful for him. He hated it. Using the shower chair was a different story all together. He wasn't stressed, it was easy, oh, how I love easy things! I have such an appreciation for things that make my life easier.

Another observation I made during the shower chair experience was that Christian has really been moving. Sometimes it's hard to see, especially when he's on his back. But he was sitting at an incline in his shower chair rolling his head back and forth, I actually had to keep an eye on the child. He used to just lie still with his head cocked to the right. But now he's turning into a little wiggle worm. I mean, by no means is he rolling off the chair, but he's moving enough so that I have to keep one hand on him at all times.

And just because it's so cute...

Feel the love!


sunflourchic said...

what a great picture of christian. he's looking right at the camera. he looks like he loves the pom pom's. :) so glad that the shower chair is making it much easier. the picture of manny & christian is so sweet.

Gabriella said...

Love the pictures Shauna, both of them are really cute! Happy to hear that he is moving around more, and all the new things arriving to make your life easier. Love reading the updates, Christian rocks!

Alicia said...

He's CAPPED!!! So awesome!! Way to go Christian, keep up the good work!

So glad you got the tumble form and shower chairs. I hope you get that stroller soon. Ridiculous how long you have waited for all that!

I love all the pics, so sweet! He is looking so good! And Lola is so cute, I could just eat her up!

Have a great week!

Rochelle said...

Family means Love. Love means Family.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family!

gavman306 said...

great pictures gabe has the same shirt as Christian, they both look soo cute! Yay on the all the new goodies, making life easier is definatly a plus:) Continued prayers for all of you!!!!

Jen said...

I love the puppy eyes he is giving.... what focus and definition in his eyes.

Shauna Quintero said...

Alicia - YOU'RE RIGHT!!! He's capped. All day yesterday and today. Even on day trips!

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