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Friday, February 19, 2010

Candles for Christian

"Light up the darkness." - Bob Marley

We're beginning a new fundraiser!

Candles for Christian

Christian has made so much improvement and thanks to many of you, we've been able to get Christian nontraditional therapies like HBOT and Cranial Sacral Therapy that continue to help Christian in so many ways. We're looking to continue the healing by trying some additional therapy programs. These therapy programs range from an intensive therapy program in California to Anat Baniel Therapy in Colorado.

In fact, next week we're leaving to visit southern California. We had already planned for a small trip at the end of February and I thought since we'd be there anyway, why not check out Napa Center? So they were nice enough to arrange two days of therapy so Christian could try the different therapies they have to offer. Kind of like a preview for the bigger program. We're so excited.

Of course, all of this costs money. I've always said since the beginning of this journey that we would get what Christian needs, no matter what. So we're raising money to get Christian therapies that may otherwise be out of reach.

You can find the online store in the side bar to the right. The pictures in the online store are not that clear so I posted another picture in the sidebar of what the candles look like close up. The candles are from the Love That Smell Candle Company and they burn for 50-70 hours with wicks that are lead free. They come in 8 oz. jars and they are $8 each with free shipping. There are several different scents and on each candle there is a picture of Christian and a quote:
"Light up the darkness." - Bob Marley

To me, this quote really encompasses Christian's journey of finding his way out of the darkness. It's actually the journey of our whole family. The grief and sadness can be very dark, the journey is finding our way to the light. And despite that darkness that surrounded us last summer, we have found light again in healing and in the love and support of others. It is our hope that these candles can be a reminder to everyone that even in the darkness, there is light.

Thank you for your unwavering support!


Rochelle said...

I placed an order today for candles. I also posted on my FB about the fundraiser. Will try and post the info on my blogs this weekend, too. Hope you get lots of orders! :)

Shauna Quintero said...

You're the best, Rochelle!

Anonymous said...

This was a good idea, i love candles and what other way than to help you guys, already put my order, you are an inspiration to me thank you! Noemi

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