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Monday, February 8, 2010

Brother and Sisterly Love

These moments are hard to capture because I'm just really bad at capturing them. There's no other excuse. I'm usually in awe of my kids or new things they're doing so I just sit and stare until a little voice inside me says, "GRAB THE CAMERA, DUMMY!" And by then, the kids are over it.

But I was able to capture some brother and sisterly love between the babies.

Christian and Lola

Holding hands the way Christian knows how.

...And Lola goes for an uppercut to the throat!
(Seriously, we have to be careful because Christian has had his fingers sucked on by getting his hand caught in Lola's mouth and he has poked her in the eye a few times.)

I know this seems like more of the same, except from a different angle. Kind of. But what I'm really trying to capture is that Christian "feels" for his sister. It's the neatest thing to watch and someday I'm going to get a good video of it. And post it, too.
So, here, Christian is "feeling" for Lola the way he knows how to do it.

And here's Christian in his swing. He thought he'd just go ahead and fall asleep there.
P.S. He's huge.

It's blurry but I caught a big, happy Lola smile!

So there you have it...I'm a proud Mama.


Brooke said...

Shauna those are all such awesomely beautiful pictures!! I love it!! And wow- he IS huge isn't he?? The pic of him I'm the swing makes him look like he's 3-4 years old!! Thank you for sharing those pictures!!

gavman306 said...

Great pics your kids are adorable! Christian does look like he's is 3 there, and I LOVE the mohawk!!!! You should be on proud mama!!

Rochelle said...

Yeah for the stander! Love the pictures you shared. Christian has grown for sure - but so has Lola! She looks like a happy baby in that last picture with the smile. You are truly blessed!

sunflourchic said...

wow, he looks like a giant!! so cute, love the pics of them together. you have every reason to be a proud momma!

maz said...

Love the loving going on there....great pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Shauna! You did a great job capturing the bond between Christian and Lola... and I loved Christian in his swing :) He's so cute! I just saw your comment on one of my posts - thanks!! Rachel

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