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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Miracle of the Day


I have never seen a miracle so vividly until July 8, 2009. It basically slapped me across the face. And since then I've seen so many. It's opened my eyes to this beautiful life and the miracle it really is to live and function every single day.

So I saw a family friend yesterday. He's the father of one of our friends and he introduced us to the world of cranial sacral therapy. He came in late one night while Christian was in the PICU and found his way through all the tubes and beeps and buzzers to lay his hands on Christian's struggling little body and tried to do his best to offer healing.

He is a neat guy. He's one of those who when you talk to him, you feel like you've learned something or gained some insight into the world that wasn't there before.

Last night we went to our friend's house for dinner and her father in law was there. He came over to see Christian and said, "He spends a lot of time floating. He floats between different realms. And he's able to see angels."

The statement was so simple, complex, adolescent, and beyond my years at the same time. But it gave me a sense of calm and peacefulness to envision it.

Then we had a conversation and he said he was having a hard time with balance and feeling overwhelmed and had to remind himself to find the miracle of each day. He was having a hard time finding the miracle of yesterday, but then he walked into our friend's house and there we were. Our family. We were a bunch of walking miracles.

How beautiful was that? Not that it was our family that was the subject of his miracle finding, but that he searches for the miracle in each day. So I thought...I wanna do that!

Yes, I've seen many big miracles and many small miracles along this journey, but sometimes I need to stop and remember that each day is a miracle for everyone in our family. Some days aren't easy and it's a miracle to get through them. Some days are full of rejoicing over something new Christian's done, Gabe's Silver Honor Roll (Yay, Gabe!), or that Manny and I are going out to dinner ALONE tonight for the first time in months (this is actually happening).

It's more than seeking out that silver lining. It's more than just being glass half full. It's taking into account that at least one thing out of each day came together to push us through to the next.

So yesterday's miracle is that I gained insight from a family friend.

Today's miracle? That's yet to be discovered when I get to the end of today.

Miracles I predict for the immediate future. (Can you really predict miracles or is this bad luck? Hope Not.)

-Getting out of bed before 8AM.
-More organization.
-A smiling, laughing Christian.

I will gladly receive these miracles. And not necessarily in that order.


Alicia said...

So beautiful. Enough said.

Oh, and have a wonderful evening with your hubby tonight!

EviesMomma said...

Another inspirational post Shauna :) I've been struggling to find my faith for the past few years now and whenever I start to doubt I only need to read about your beautiful family. So many miracles, and so many more to come. Thoughts and prayers for Christian daily.

-Yay for date nights!

Anonymous said...

HOORAY GABE!! Don't forget to contact Grampa Robert. (you know, for the jelly beans) Love Ya

joan wester anderson said...

You should read my books (get them at the library---this is not a sales pitch!) Just go to my website, and click on Books. Check the titles and descriptions. You will find stories by every type of person, all miraculous, all hopeful. Yes, miracles do happen, so keep believing.

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