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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vitamins and Meds

It feels like a Friday to me for some reason. Maybe because it was such a good day? It was as if this day was meant to be a good one.

First, while taking Gabe to school, there was hardly any traffic. I was there a parade or a holiday I don't know about? Well, yeah, it's called Thanksgiving and apparently everyone's off for the whole week. Fine by me!

Second, we were on time to everything! Whaaa? I am perpetually 15 minutes late to everything in my life. And today we were on time - even early - to all of our appointments. This is absolutely unheard of.

Third, Christian didn't throw up this morning. That is a prediction of a good day.

We also had our cranial sacral appointment with Dr. Peters, who is awesome, by the way. His practice is in a home-like structure out in the middle of the dessert. I say home-like because he doesn't live in the building but I think he lives on the property. Anyway, the room Christian gets treated in is so relaxing. It has skylights and a big window. Outside of the window are trees, bird feeders, and a fountain. Birds are always right outside the window, bumping into the window, flying is so serene.

The room itself has beautiful bible verses hung up all over mostly referring to faith and healing. I could probably sit in that room for a while and then just fall asleep. I almost did fall asleep this morning.

The appointment went as it usually does. Dr. Peters started working on Christian's neck and base of his skull and Christian started to fuss and cry. This is usually the case. But the most amazing thing happens - Christian will cry and cry and cry and it can get pretty intense. So intense that I start wondering if everything is okay. But then all of the sudden there is a release. Christian will stop crying and his entire body relaxes from head to toe. You can literally see when that moment of release happens. It is Dr. Peters' theory that once the body is no longer locked up, the rest of the body has more of a chance to function properly. Dr. Peters and his staff are the most lovely people and they really love and care for Christian. I believe going there really helps Christian and he has helped a lot of children in this town.

The next appointment was HBOT and then a follow up EEG. The neuro wanted a follow up EEG isolating just the area of the brain where all of the activity was coming from after the initial increase in meds. I was a little nervous about this because if it didn't show that the seizure activity had calmed down, the neuro probably would have ordered an increase in meds or an additional medication. This is the OPPOSITE way that I want to go.

Well, the area showed no seizure activity! It was just a snapshot but it was good enough for me! I was afraid to ask the tech what a normal brain wave would look like for a "normal" person compared to Christian because I was afraid he'd tell me something I'd rather not know. But I asked anyway. And he said it actually looked pretty close to a normal brain wave. It's only one isolated area of the brain and that does not discount the activity while sleeping or other parts of the brain but...I'LL TAKE IT! The neuro said that since things looks like they calmed down, no increase in meds.

In a nutshell - EEG still confusing, brain still confusing, seizures REALLY confusing, but no increase in meds. The neuro did suggest still adding another med for his neck because he's constantly turned to the right. But if we're experimenting, I'd rather experiment by taking all the seizure medication away to see what happens. But that's only if we're experimenting.

I've also added a few new vitamin supplements to Christian's regimen. I'm giving him Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 Fish Oil. Since adding the supplements I've seen less throwing up, more sound sleep at night, and an overall well being. He seems more snugly and rested to me in the morning. I'm sure snugly is a medical term. No, a doctor didn't advise me. I consulted with other moms and their experience. I was tired of searching for a medical professional that knows anything about vitamin supplements. Besides, there's no money from drug companies to learn about vitamins so why would they learn anything about silly things like vitamins? So I took matters into my own hands.

I do want to say thank you for every single comment I get on this blog. Each one of your words of encouragement and personal stories stays with me and helps me get through the difficult situations and difficult days. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us and offering a part of yours.


gavman306 said...

That does sound like an awesome day!! I hear ya on the time thing, it is a small miracle when i am on time let alone early! I agree with you 100% on the vitamin thing, I really think they make a difference. You are doing an amazing job Shauna...and Christian too!!

Rochelle said...

Wow, it does sound like a wonderful day! Another reason to be thankful for the progress Christian continues to make. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Keep up the great work, Christian! :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful news!!! I hope you guys have an amazing Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Manny, Shauna, Gabe, Christian and baby girl. From German and Noemy, God Bless you Always!!!

Anonymous said...

Christian's story amazes me constantly. You are all in my prayers.

THis is something you might want to check into, not sure if it would help or not

God bless!

maz said...

What a great post - so happy that the day went so well with all the appts. Hope you're all are having a fab Thanksgiving, Shauna! Give that wee SuperC a squeezy hug from me and Sam!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news on the new vitamins being a positive thing for Christian!! I know it has been amazing for Kynzer using magnesium verses baclofen...that was a bad drug for him!!

Anonymous said...

I have two doctor's suggestions for you in Tucson to help with supplements....

1. Dr. Lance Morris, Holistic Family Medicine (Naturopath)

2. Dr. Sandy Newmark

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