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Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is Halloween...

This is Halloween!
My Superman!

It was a Happy Halloween! But I have to say that I was slacking this year. I felt really disorganized and last minute. We didn't even carve pumpkins until Halloween afternoon and then we didn't put them outside or light them. We have like four more pumpkin just hanging out now, lonely and uncarved.

I had mixed feeling about Halloween, even though I know at this age he wouldn't have been doing much trick or treating anyway. We didn't take him door to door because we were worried it might be too cold. But I did see a few little ones about Christian's age toddling around with their pumpkin buckets. At those moments I wished Christian could be there with his little costume on trying to make sense out of how exactly this whole knocking on doors and getting candy business works. I know there will be a time when he can participate, it just wasn't this time.

We did make the best of it, though. He still got a costume and took a few naps in it just to break it in. It was size 2T-4T and I think it was barely long enough for him!

Superman and Superman's Dad

Superman trying to fly!

(I tried and tried to get a picture of him because he kept waving his arms around. I finally got him in action, unfortunately that means not that great of a picture.)

"Gosh! All that flying Superman has to do really tires a kid out! Good thing I have my trusty dog to pet and help me fall asleep."

I'm still on a high from Christian's therapy on Friday and I've actually been pushing him a little harder during our Mommy-Christian therapy and stretching. His weak side is his left. Not weak in the way of strength, quite the opposite. He always favors the right and resists the left so his muscles on his left side are actually stronger due to resistance. Anyway, I've been laying him on his left side to try to get him out of that habit.

I put him on his left side, went to another room, and upon return found him on his back. I put him on his left side again, left, came back, and there he was...on his back. This is different than just twisting to the right again because he followed with his legs and hips signifying a "roll" from side to back instead of just a twist. Small potatoes? Who cares. It's more progress which has made it a happy start to November. His face even looked...ponderous. Like he knew he had accomplished something, not sure what, but he looked interested in how exactly he kept changing positions on his own.

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and the count down to Thanksgiving begins. I won't even get started on how much this Thanksgiving will mean to me. That will be saved for another post.

Praying for more miracles - small potatoes and big potatoes welcome!


Alicia said...

I understand the bittersweet thoughts about things like Halloween and other kid rites of passage. It does sting a bit. But you have a great attitude and, that combined with Christian's fighter's spirit will ensure that he will have some great holiday memories in the future.

And that picture of him moving his arms? Not a great picture? Are you kidding? That is AWESOME!!!

Keep it up, Christian and Mama!

Jendioguardi said...

I love the Superman costume, it's so appropriate!! God has certainly blessed you and your family. Love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

You don't know me but I have been following your story for several months now. I am amazed at your Son - and the Mom you are!! Keeping you in my prayers always!!

Mary Richmond

Catherine said...

he is looking so good! look at how much more relaxed he looks now than in the im a fighter pic in the sidebar - he seems to be making visible progress, hang in there - you are doing so well, and so is he!


maz said...

Yay for the purposeful rolling!!! And I love the fact he looked 'ponderous'! SuperChristian looked fab in his Halloween outfit too. So happy to hear about his progress in this and the last post! Good job wee man and top mummy!!!! :o)

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