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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fat Thursday?

Why does such an easy week have to fly by so quickly?

We are in the middle of our oxygen break this week meaning no HBOT treatments for a week and then we start up again on Monday. With one less appointment, the week feels open!

As far as therapy goes, it's been great this week. With Christian's new vigor last Friday, I showed the video to his OT and she tried some new things with him. He does the best in a seated position. He's able to try and lift his head, he has better focus and attention, and his arms and legs are super bendy. Overall, he's been a lot looser and he's been swinging his arms so much that when he really gets going he knocks his toys out of reach.

I also put a silver pom pom over his feet while he was sitting so he could grab at it and all of the sudden I heard the pom pom rustle and realized his feet were moving underneath. This is a big thing because he doesn't really do anything purposeful with his legs yet. He can tighten them and move them and he can point and flex his feet but nothing much else. The OT today said he's a bit different than what they normally see which is movement in the lower extremities returning first and then the upper later. But his fine motor skills (grabbing, moving fingers, holding things, moving thumb out instead of keeping it in) and small muscle groups in his arms and hands are actually returning before anything in his legs or the larger muscle groups. Because he has full range of motion and is able to move his legs, once he's ready the OT said it should be easy for him.

Our early intervention coordinator came over. She's different then the original lady I was working with. She comes to Christian's therapy appointments in home. She came just to visit Christian today and brought him beaded necklaces to play with. She also brought oil and gave him a little massage, which he enjoyed. She also brought us a tumble form chair which will be great for his posture, alignment, and seating! I decided we love her.

So I guess it's Fat Thursday? These are the beads the EI lady brought for Christian. I layed them next to him in a pile and he just kept feeling and feeling for them. He finally fell asleep all wrapped up in his new toys. I swear this is NOT staged. Mardi gras here we come! Keep your shirts on, ladies.

He totally did this by himself.


Brooke said...

Progress sounds awesome Shauna!! Love the bead picture!! Glad you are finding therapist's etc that you really seem to like!! Hope Christian's week goes great with much more progress!!!!

Cassie said...

LOL, sweet Christian!

maz said...

Aawww.....little man! Sounds like he's been doing so well this week! :o)

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