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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Touchy, Feely

We are finally down to a good, predictable schedule! We know our therapists, we know our doctors and I finally feel comfortable with the way things are going right now.

Christian met with his physical and speech therapist today for the first time in about 2-3 weeks due to a mixture of cancellations on my part and vacations on there's. Christian was being pretty uncooperative with them, it seemed. He wasn't really feeling them, which by comparison with his OT, is pretty common. So I didn't expect them to say anything about progress, especially with his little attitude. But they said he had come really far in 2 weeks!

1. I'm so excited my son shows a preference toward people and has an "attitude."

2. I'm also excited that even with his attitude of uncooperativeness (is that even a word?), they still noticed a difference.

This is so reassuring, especially after my whole grass growing thing. Sorry, I was having a weekend and sometimes I loose focus.

Yesterday the OT put a piano with lights and song in front of Christian in the seated position and led his arms to the piano to see what he would do. Well he started moving his fingers and grabbed some of the figurines attached to the piano. He was also in a "feely" mood while working with the therapists today. I love this! He really likes to feel soft stuffed animals (we got a lot of those while in the hospital so now they are particularly handy!) and he's starting to dig pianos. I think it's because they're easy to manipulate and he's getting that cause and effect feed back.

Tomorrow we meet a potential in home therapist. She will come to our house to work with Christian weekly. Again, these first meeting aren't fun because these new people don't know Christian and don't know how far he's come. So what they see the first time is, to them, his baseline. So tomorrow...we'll see how it goes.

Today, and for a few days now, Christian's been "paying attention." The eye doctor told us that with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI), some days Christian will stare off into space and others he will seem like he's following you all over the place. As the brain heals, this is normal. I see this. Today was an "on" day. I jiggled toys in front of him and he looked over. He's responding to sound, too, by blinking his eyes if there's a loud and sudden sound. He's still a big cry baby, but I believe I've heard some vocalizing that isn't crying.

And did I mention I love his HBOT/neuro office? I suspected a blood clot in my leg yesterday (don't worry, it was negative) and was in the hospital to check it out. The office actually called at the end of the day to make sure I was okay. So sweet! I feel like they're family now because I see them every single day! And they really want Christian to get better. This is who I need surrounding us - people who believe Christian will get better and continue to improve.

BONUS: Northstar HBOT is continuing to bill my insurance and insurance is continuing to pay!!! This means we now have a credit at Northstar for even more treatments! This is like a....precedent. This really does not happen, but it's happening for Christian.

I can't thank you guys enough for continuing to pray for Christian and our family. Your prayers are working, I swear! God is at work!


Brooke said...

YAY for no blood clot, YAY for Christians progress , and YAY for the insurance company and the hyperbaric treatments!! :-)

Rochelle said...

Great news on the insurance covering the treatments that Christian needs. Glad you didn't have a blood clot. Hope you are okay! Love hearing about the updates and what Christian is doing each day. Every day is a gift!

The Crabtree Family said...

I know I have haven't posted a lot lately but I'm still here lurking and checking on Christian everyday. He's still making incredible progress and he's constantly in our prayers! GOOOOOOOOOO CHRISTIAN!!!!!!

HesterFamily said...

So great how much progress Christian IS making!! And with his attitude(!!) and you supporting him and fighting for him he will continue to feel, and track, and SMILE! Prayers continuing!

Anonymous said...

God is awesome and I continue to pray for Christian and your family! Maybe God will use your new baby to encourage Christian to progress even more. Babies are a blessing from God and you go girl! Keep up the great work! Your family is closer and better because of it!

Baby Billys Mom said...

I posted the comment above but I still can't figure this thing out. sorry!

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