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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mamas' Boys

The week is finally done and we have two days of relaxation ahead of us. Although, because I'm so used to the schedule and things have started to normalize and calm down around these parts, I'm a tad disappointed that I have no plans for tomorrow. But, it's for the best because I'm trying to limit Christian's and my exposure to flu - swiney or otherwise.

This past week went by so fast! Again, finally normalized. We had great feedback from all of his therapists and he had a good "seeing" week. Sometimes I would approach him and he'd look around the room as if seeing things for the first time. I'd say his name, he'd look at me, but then look around again like he didn't want to miss anything. It was so small but so overwhelming to watch him do this. I can only assume that maybe something in his brain switched on and is literally processing the information as if it were the first time ever. When he does this it looks like he's so interested in his surroundings and I don't want to disturb it but at the same time I get so excited when he responds by looking at toys and following me. Half of me wants to let him be so he can process and half of me wants to soak up all this "on" time he's giving me. We do a little of both.

Christian's progress with grabbing and feeling his toys and stuffed animals has been so great. He is really grabbing for things when led by his elbows. We push his elbows toward a toy and he does the rest by opening his hand, feeling, and grabbing if he chooses. He did that today with something new...mardigras necklaces. (Don't get any ideas, Christian!) He loved the feel of them being draped over this hands and through his hands and as I pulled them through his hands, he'd sometimes grab them and sometimes just feel with his fingers outstretched. I could watch it forever.

There's also another toy that we tried in PT today and I didn't really think he'd latch on to it. But he actually liked it and responded well. So guess what Mama did...ran to the nearest Target and bought it. And he liked it just as much at home. The best thing about this toy is that he not only uses his sense of touch but he will actually look at this toy while touching it. Wow! Little, tiny progresses that make my day.

We also met with a new PT that will possibly be doing our in-home visits. She was really down to earth, if not a bit rushed. She scooped Christian up, put him on her lap, bent his knees, held him in a sitting position, and treated him as if he were just regular little boy that needed help. I wasn't exactly blown away by her, but I could tell I could grow to really like her. She explained that Early Intervention comes from a different philosophy - visit once a week with therapy, teach exercises to the family, and incorporate these exercises into every day activity, like changing diaper, feeding time, etc. She explained that Christian is on a hospital/medical model path - intensive therapy 3-5 times a week. Now, I don't know if this is what they are taught to say but she, like me, questions why we can't do both! Why not? The more the better for Christian. And when the baby comes, it will be particularly helpful to have in-home therapy in place for the period of time that I can't take him to the outpatient therapies. So we'll see how this develops.

As for trach news, I've not been as aggressive with capping and so forth just because we've been focusing on other things. I also had reservations about getting the trach out during cold and flu season. Christian hasn't been sick yet since the accident. So I don't know what to expect and to be honest, having that trach feels like a back up to make it that much easier to breath should he catch anything involving his respiratory system. We are literally down to 1-3 times a day suctioning and that's only after vomiting, and half the time mostly through his nose and not even his trach! The therapist passed along that the pediatric pulmonology group in Tucson won't even entertain removal of a trach until after cold and flu season is through, whether a child can fly without it or not.

I'm okay with this. I actually feel less pressure and like we can take our time with capping. So that in the spring, he will be 110% ready.

Poor Christian is getting molars. Booo! He was cranky tonight, drooled all over the place, and cried for what I believe is the first time with actual tears. But, it wasn't anything a little Infant Tylenol couldn't take care of and now he's fast asleep.

My husband calls him a Mama's Boy because he calms down with me. Both my boys are Mamas' Boys, although, don't say anything to Gabe about this because he'll deny it emphatically.

I love my Mamas' Boys.


Brooke said...

I think that's the best thing definitely for the trach. Leave it in until after the flu season is over. Smart thinking mommy! :-) And you knew that would be best even before being told that the doctors do that anyway......NICE!!
I think that's awesome that you have momma's boys! I wish so much that Christopher was a momma's boy but he's definitely a daddy's boy NO DOUBT about it!! I'm claiming Christian as MY boy....I am refusing to give him up to daddy OR to grandma!!
I hope you get the in home physical therapy that you're hoping for so you will have the extra help when little Lola is born!! All the help you can get will be SO good for you during that time!!
I am SO excited to hear of Christians continued improvement with his grabbing and seeing and touching. That's so awesome Shauna......this little boy has definitely come a super long way! Go Christian!! :-)

sunflourchic said...

i love my mama's boys too! :)

christian is doing great. i love hearing about all of his progress.

Lisa Lucas said...

Wow- sounds like christian is doing fantastic!!
I try to pop in to see how he is doing, and all of you. ( Hope you don't mind- am an old poster from C/S)

Lisa xx ( flickasam)

Elaine said...

So glad to hear all the progress Christian is making. Way to go Christian! You are an inspiration to even those who have never met you.
Elaine in MT

Anonymous said...

I have been following Christian's progress since I first saw your post on CS. I have to tell you that I think you are one of the bravest and most courageous moms I have ever had the pleasure to "know." Your unending devotion to Christian and seeing that he has absolutely everything he needs....You are a wonderful mother and the most incredible champion any child could have. He is lucky to have you. Christian is in my prayers daily, as are you, Manny and Gabe.

Tara said...

I love my momma's boy too! You are doing awesome and so is Christian!!

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