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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Christian doesn't like the cold.

Good thing we live in Arizona.

See, last week we were living in the 90's. Pretty typical for us. Then we got word that...dun, dun, DUN...a cold front was coming in and we were expecting two days, that's right TWO, with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. HOLD THE PHONE! Break out the unnecessary snow boots we wear just for show. Winter's a comin'. Oh, but just for two days. Then we'll be back in the 70-70's by the weekend. Love it.

Christian doesn't care about any of this. He just wants to be warm. When he's cold he whines and cries and stiffens up. He was uncooperative with his OT today, but luckily, if he's swaddled in a blanket, a fleece blanket in particular, he's happy again for the most part.

We're also dipping our toes into home therapy. As I mentioned last week, we visited with the PT last week and she's coming tomorrow again. I hope she's not rushed again. I hope he responds to her. I really want to have some in home therapy set up by the time Lola comes. And because Christian seems to not do well with cold weather, it would be nice to have that all set up for the 1-2 months it's actually cold. Also, it's been harder and harder to carry everything in and out of outpatient therapy. It's not just Christian. I can carry him - that or I'm completely refusing to stop. It's the suction machine, diaper bag, and purse on top of carrying him that is beginning to be a challenge.

And next week we are taking a break from HBOT. We're having our "oxygen break." It's been 20 treatments, we take a break, and then do 20 more and so on and so forth. I'm looking forward to it because our schedule won't be so packed and because they said that during the oxygen break is when things tend to happen. What things? Who knows? All around, I'm looking forward to the break.

Halloween is this weekend! It's a little bittersweet because I can't really take Christian trick or treating. On the other hand, he's not really at the age where it would be fun to do that anyway. So I guess it will just be a picture taking holiday because you know I bought him a costume. He will be...Superman, cape included.


gavman306 said...

Oh poor Christian and the cold...but I do live in Maine, so 50's is perfect!!!! Praying for some big stuff to happen during your break!! You need to get a little assistant to help you out lady! Can't wait to see some pics of the little superman!!

Tara said...

You have to take him to a therapist? Our early intervention program comes to us? I really hope you do get some home therapy. It will help out so much when Lola comes!

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