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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're Finally Going Home!


It's frickin' official! We're going home. The doctor came and checked Christian yesterday. He commented on how Christian had gained 2 pounds (thanks to finally not throwing up anymore) and he sounded excellent in his lungs. Nice and clear. So he's signing the discharge papers and he's already written an order for our prescriptions. We're going home!

I'm so ready for this. I'm ready to not hear the beeping and alarms all night from our roomie. I'm excited not to wake up to random people standing over my son in the middle of the night "needing" to change his diapers or take his vitals. I'm ready to sleep next to my husband. I'm ready to hang out with my Gabe.

I'm going to miss the therapists and I'll think about the other kiddos who will remain here. I'll think about the little souls that share a hallway with us, each of them fighting their own battles. Some of them with mommies and daddies and some without - most without. I'll think about our roomie who, in all honesty, doesn't have much time left. This is his home and he'll live his life out here. I'll miss the walls that protect us here. This is where everyone is the same, every child here is special, all of the parents are facing the same struggles and journey. Once we leave, we will be the odd balls out trying to fit in with main stream. I'll miss it...but no where near enough to stay another day.

Yesterday I came into Christian's room to see that speech therapy had already started without me (I hate missing it!). The therapist said, "He tracks to Spongebob." Thank you!!!! I know this. I'm so glad someone else saw this. No, he will not track to a stupid pen light. But you put Spongebob in front of him and you have his attention. She also said he was sucking his pacifier and latching onto it. This I also know because he loves his pacifier.

This almost 2 months of hospitalization has been such an emotional journey. But this part of the journey has come to an end, with good and promising conclusions, thank God. There are times when I get sad, this usually happens when I see old pictures of Christian. It is still a physical pain in my chest because I miss that child so much. But I spoke to God the other night and thanked Him for giving me that baby for 11 months and then giving him back to me again for a second chance. Although he might not be that same Christian (yet!) I am pleased and honored that he was given back to us, no matter how he came back to us. I accept the gift that God has given to me. As Cici's blog reads, "accept the gift as if it were the one you chose." I didn't understand this until I read one particular blog. It explained that we chose this path because we chose for Christian to live. And we choose for him to live and progress each day. So, yes, this is what we chose. And if asked to make the same choice, we would gladly make that choice every day.

I'm not sure if I'll have the time to blog in the next 48 hours. We are getting Christian's Superman AFO's (leg splints) today and then heading off to hyperbarics. Then tomorrow Daddy's coming up to help us make the big move!

Thank you all so much for taking this journey with us. It's no where near over and in a sense, we're starting a new journey. But all of your comments, support, and prayers keep us afloat.

See you on the other side!


cricket96od said...

God Bless Your Family and please, when you have time, let us know how you all are doing. You are an amazing lady and I feel like I know you even though I've never met you. You're an inspiration to all! Thank you!

Jendioguardi said...

HOOOORAY!!!! I'm so happy to hear that Christian is going home. I cannot imagine what you have been going through the past 2 months but I have DEFINITELY been there with you the whole way! You are always in my thoughts and prayers and I thank God everyday that your story, you, and Christian has come into my life. Best of luck today and on your move tomorrow!! I will be thinking of you, of course and praying for a safe ride home. HUGS!!!

colekd said...

You have such a way with words! Will be thinking of you guys as you make the transition home!! I hope you have a fun welcome home party!! :) Karen

maz said...

Wooo Hoooo! That is such excellent news! On to the new phase of the journey...will be thinking of you, Superbaby, Manny and Gabe for the move tomorrow. TOMORROW!!! Just amazing how far he's come - going home! Makes me smile from here! :o)

Dora said...

Wow, that is such good news, it must be so exciting! We will sure miss your update for the next 48 hours and are waiting anxiously to hear how everything went. Will be thinking of you :)

Caroline said...

Shauna! I'm so excited for you guys! your recent post brought tears to my eyes. Both you and Christian have come such a long way yet have such a long way to go. I'm thrilled you get to go home and I hope you get all the services you want at home.

Our keychain came today! I'll be putting it on my keychain, so while I'm back at work, I won't forget to think of you guys all the time!

Alicia said...


I hope and pray for a safe journey tomorrow and look forward to an update from home when you get a chance!

God bless!

danielbay said...

My heart aches for your poor baby boy. I hope the first thing you do when you get home is fill that pool in with dirt - Or at the very least get a pool safety fence and alarms, especially since you have another baby on the way.

Shirley said...

What a blessing! I'm so glad your whole family will be back together again, at home. YAY!!! Remember we will always be with you...every step of the way!

Sending lots and love, kisses, and prayers for your big day! WooHoo!!!

Shelley said...

I'm so happy to hear Christian is going home! I pray for an easy transition as you get all of his therapies lined up back home. Christian is going to accomplish great things and I can't wait to read about it! You're doing an amazing job and are truly inspirational. God Bless your family!

Eliisa said...

This is such fantastic news. I was hoping that everything would go to plan and you'd be on your way home, and now you are! HOORAY!

I'm sure being home will be wonderful but hard in different ways. We're here for you whenever you need us!

Lisa said...

congrats on finally being able to go home! How exciting it'll be to be in your own home with your family right by your side! I believe that Christian will come back even quicker by being with his entire family in the home that he knows. Prayer is a powerful thing and myself along with many others are going to continue to pray for you. For strength, determination and inner peace. God bless are an inspiration to so many mothers including me!
Looking forward to hearing about Christian's progress and seeing pictures! Take your time though and just enjoy being home!
Be well,
Lisa :)

Pippa said...

I hope all goes well with the move back home. I am so glad that the family will be back together now and that will surround Christian with positive energy.

Christian has come so far in the last 2 months. Amazing!

Good Luck with the move.

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