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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sleepy Superman

Above is the birthday and life celebration flyer for Christian that my husband made. It's not the greatest quality because our scanner isn't hooked up and I had to take a picture of it. Also I took out our address for obvious reasons and cut off the bottom half just because I've got photographic technology deficit disorder. But he did a great job and I wanted to show it off.
Christian is getting his first round of OT tomorrow since being back home. Separate from what I give him, the expert that I am, every day. I'm so excited. I mean he's gotten OT before, quite a bit actually, but I'm still excited that we're touching ground in Tucson.
Christian also had his first appointment with his own pediatrician since being back home, and really since the accident happened. I was a little wary of the appointment for a couple of reasons. One, because it was a first since the accident. Two, because I was taking Christian in public and I didn't know what the reaction of the nurses would be, if they'd remember him, etc. Three, because I wasn't sure if the doctor was going to try and push 12 month vaccines. And, four, because I wasn't sure if Dr. D (the ped) had experience with special needs children.
All went really well, though. The first nurse weighed him and said he weighed 19 pounds. I was thinking that could not possibly be right. He would have had to loose 3 pounds since being home. So they weighed him again and sure enough he was still 22 pounds. And Christian was so relaxed and loose that everyone there just thought he was asleep. This was kind of funny to me since he wasn't really sleepy at all. The difference is that he used to be so stiff, he wouldn't even lay against me. But his progress with his tone was so great, everyone just thought he was sleepy. It was a little sad because I thought to myself, 'I wish that was the case, that he was just simply sleepy.' But it was more humorous than sad for me and a good sign in terms of tone for Christian.
Dr. D spent A LOT of time with us, which is why I've always liked him. We went over his progress and even he remarked that his tone looked really good, and this is with no increase in meds. He said he didn't have extensive experience with special needs, but he did have special needs patients and would love to keep seeing Christian. He was also really supportive of everything we were trying - hyperbarics, cranial sacral stuff, etc. And the best part was no immunizations! This was a touchy subject for me since his little brain and little body is in such a fragile state, I didn't want to introduce anything that could possibly alter any progress he's making. And to my surprise, Dr. D completely agreed. So we're holding off until a later date. When? I don't know. Just not right now.
Alright, time to go give Christian a bath, exercise him and stretch him, and off to beddy! Hopefully the bath and exercise will make for a truly sleepy Superman.


gavman306 said...

YAY for a great appt. with his regular ped! The invites are adorable, and very fitting! I can't wait to hear how OT goes today, I'm sure he will be a superstar, or Superman!
God Bless!!

Chantilly said...


I have been reading Christian's journey since the beginning, but this is my first time writing.

I am so proud of Christian, and how far he has come in recovery. My father had a brain injury when I was 16 (I am now 32), and he has come so far from where he was initially. He also had HB therapy. I just know that Christian is going to heal and make tremendous progress. People need to remember, he is so early in his journey...and he has made so much progress already. He's doing so great! :D

My heart is with Christian every single day, and though I don't know him, I love him.

Best wishes to you all!


ferfischer said...

I also get the "sleepy baby" comment all the time. I also get "are you sure they're twins"? I'm glad you're getting therapy started - it's great to have different therapists in and out anyway, they're all SO different and do different things! Let me know what you think of cranial sacral therapy if you try it - I've got some info on it, but haven't gottent there yet (the place I want to go to is in Boulder anyway, so maybe next time we do hyperbarics!) Oh, and btw, Cici got her immunizations mostly on time, in several visits, and she did pretty well, actually. Also, I don't know how you feel about the flu vaccines, but last year, she got it and so did all of her caregivers. I imagine they'll tell us the same this year! Having a "fragile" child is a whole diff story! Can't wait to hear about the party - wish I could be there!

Alicia said...

That poster is great!!

I am glad therapy is starting for you guys, we all know how important that is. Also glad to hear how well things continue to go, even when you are overwhelmed. Hang in there Mama, you are doing a great job!

Have a great weekend!

Kimberly Giardino said...

My name is Kimberly and I to just started reading Christians story!! Amazing! You are all so inspirational! I think Christian is a very special boy, he truly is superman! I am grateful that you are so willing to share his story!

Susan said...

Hi, I found this site after I saw your ad on Craigstlist selling Christian's clothes to raise money. I felt moved to help out, since we were in a position to (for once!) and now come on here periodically to check on Christian's progress. I noticed you were looking for a new church and I just wanted to invite you to ours. There are two locations depending on where you live. Here is a link to the service times and locations.
We love it there, and hope you'll visit. I find it very inspirational. And it's okay to cry :)

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