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Monday, September 7, 2009

Seriously, we have our own HBOT chamber?!

The eagle has landed!

We are now the proud and hopeful owners of our very own hyperbaric oxygen chamber! I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who donated on Christian's website. I also want to say a never ending THANK YOU to the August Moms, honorary August Mom Jenny, and anyone else who organized this fundraiser, promoted, and helped this possibility come to fruition. I never, ever thought this would even be an option for us, at least not for a while. I'm still a little in shock that we even have this in our home and I really, truly believe this will help Christian in so many ways and now he can do it from the comfort of his own home.

Another BIG, FAT, THANK YOU to Cindi who also made this possible. She is who we were able to get the chamber from and she was gracious enough to travel all the way to Tucson to deliver it! God bless her! The care and concern she showed for us and for Christian was nothing short of amazing. She also brought some gifts. She brought me a pair of beautiful earring her father made out of stained glass from a church that she used to attend that burnt down a while ago. She prefaced the earrings with saying, "they are filled with prayers." I love that and I'll feel those prayers every time I wear them. She also brought some other stained glass creations made by her generous father to hang in the window for Christian to look at.

Here is a picture of Cindi and Christian.

We are still in the process of moving (Ugh!) and hopefully that will be done within the next few days. Christian is doing great! In all of his pictures, you all have probably noticed that he has closed fists. And on some days they are really tightly closed. But he's really started to loosen up! In fact, his right hand has begun to open a little as if to grab when he moves his arm. And boy is he moving those arms! He's also been making more and more sounds. They aren't consistent yet as far as crying all the time goes, but they are consistent with agitation. He cried a little when I took his shirt off and it got caught on his huge head. He cried a little when I peeled some tape off his stomach where I secured his gtube. So he's coming along!

He's also been moving his head more, he's been able to bend really easily (especially in the legs which is where he is stubborn), and he's been a lot more responsive in terms of when we go to talk to him, he'll look to us. It used to be a slow search for us or sometimes he wasn't even interested. But lately, he'll look right at us as soon as we go talk to him.

I'll be posting pictures of his new digs soon along with our new chamber. Thank you, again and again to everyone who made this possible.


Lucy and Ethel said...

What an exciting turn of events!!!

It's always so nice to come here and read your updates :)


Louise said...

I am so glad everything is coming together!! How is Gabe doing with all these transitions? I can't help but think of him,too!

Caroline said...

I'm so glad we could all help! This is awesome! Cindi is a wonderful person for helping us out! I hope the chamber helps Christian!

Alicia said...

WOW!! Praise the Lord for being home, HBOT chamber in your home and Christian's progress!!


Cardinal said...

Have been following this blog but haven't commented yet. Your little guy is such a trooper! He seems to have made so much progress. He's got plenty of prayers coming his way.

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