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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Christian hanging out in the pool.

Swim Time! Christian was so cute in his little swim shorts and t-shirt. The PT also put some sunglasses on him, which really weren't necessary because it was cloudy outside. I wasn't a fan of the sunglasses because you couldn't see his eyes and that's where you get most of his reaction. He smelled like sunscreen and chlorine...just like before. I love when little kids smell like sunscreen and chlorine. It reminds me of summer. Like I need to be reminded when it's 108 degrees outside.

Anyway, I didn't really know what to expect in the pool. That's probably why I made the mistake of wearing my valour lounge pants. It was hot to say the least but bearable. I got Christian ready, carried him down to the pool with camera in tow. When I got to the pool, I got my camera out, ready to take a zillion pictures and I FORGOT THE MEMORY CARD IN THE LAPTOP! UGH! Bad mommy moment. So all I have are these lousy quality pictures from my phone. Next time, I'll be more prepared.

Christian standing with support.

Like I mentioned, I couldn't really tell what was going on with Christian because I couldn't see his eyes but the PT was able to get him standing in the water, with support of course. And when they finally gave up on the sunglasses, you could see that Christian was so relaxed. He loosened up in the pool and just floated. We're going to keep at this, maybe even a few times a week, if I can get it for him. He really seemed to be enjoying it and was so worn out that he fell right to sleep when we got back to the room. I just let him sleep naked in his diaper...just like before.

Sleepy Baby

Christian also did really well in HBOT today. When he came out he was so loose but so alert and looking around. Today he lifted his legs! This is exciting because it's new. He didn't lift them in the way he does when he tightens them, that's different. He lifted his leg from the joint in a way he'd never done...almost on purpose.

I've also found a new position that he seems to love. He relaxes right into it.

No arching!

And someone sent Christian some SUPER cute pajamas. I don't know who it was because the sender was a website. But whoever it was thank you so much! They are so appropriate for my little Superman!

"Me in my Superman pajamas!"

"Off to the rescue!"
(Tummy time stretch)

I love my little Superman!


Kasey said...

Hi ive never commented on here but ive been following Christians' story since it first happened. First off i wanna just say that you and Christian are doing amazing job's. I happen to be a CNA and i have noticed that in all Christians' pictures his hands are clenched shut, we have residents that their hands are like that and we use what they call a hand roll and we pry the fingers open and put the roll in their hand so that their nails arent digging into their hands and i think it helps to loosen up the restriction..if they didnt have a hand roll i would use a washcloth and just roll it up and put it in their hands. So i thought i would tell you about them for christian and see if maybe they could get you some for him. God bless, Ill be keeping you guys in my prays.

colekd said...

He is soooo adorable! That's great that the swimming went well, and what cute pjs!! Good to hear about him moving his leg too :) You two amaze me every post!!

Jackie said...

Yay for Christian and mommy! I'm glad the swimming went well for you...that must have been anxiety-provoking not knowing how you would both react. Those little Superman jammies are adorable (and relevant!) on him. We'll keep praying for all of you!

Jendioguardi said...

I love that Chrisitan got to go into the water today because I know that you said he absolutely loved it before the accident. I agree with you...anything to help him progress, wake up his senses, and stimulate him. The pictures are adorable (even if they're not the best quality). We still get to see Christian and that's all that counts. His pajamas are perfect! Superman pjs for a Super lil Man!!! Have a great day!! HUGS

CHATTY CATHY 1975 said...

Thank you for sharing your story!! My heart breaks for you each day that I follow your life - and I've been finding myself SMILING when he has a good day!!!

I have 4 little girls (and a little boy on the way) - ranging from 11yrs down to 10 months... and... we have a pool.

We're very cautious with it - and always have been - but I do want to say THANK YOU. Because of your story, we are even more careful. We looked back and found many times when the same thing COULD have happened to us too - even with being so careful.

I pray for you every day and will continue until it's time to pray for THANKS!!! :-)

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday! It was great to see his pictures in the pool - he's looking amazing these days!!


jenngaa said...

Shauna, I'm glad that swim therapy went well. Christian is doing so well with all his therapies! The pics look good even if they from your phone. He looks wonderful.

I just wanted to let you know that the Superman jammies are from Christian's Aug 08 birthday buddy Sarah. There should have been 3 boxes from us (each was suppose to have a gift tag too?). I'm so excited to see him in those Superman jammies!! They are adorable!! -JayeJaye

graphartpcp said...

Isn't it wonderful what the Lord is doing for Christian?!! But through this little guy he has brought so many people to prayer, PRAYER. This is what God wants for us to do. And then we see God's mercy and love right through this little superman. Miracles are to be had! Love the jammies. Keep up the good work Shauna and give Manny, Gabe and your mom a big hug for me.

Vixx said...

WOW, Chrisitan is looking so good.

Well done for being so brave Shauna and getting Christian to the pool, but as you say its somewhere he loved and somewhere that will help him get better too - ironic really but there it is, he needs everything that will help and enable him to be back on toddler form.

Jenn those jammies are just so special and personal, what a really thougthful lady you are. Christian really is a SUPER man.

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