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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Splish Splash


"Pool...we meet again."

"I don't know about this."

"I'll get in further only if I can wear these cool shades."

Christian had physical therapy in the pool today and it went well. It definitely tired him out and made him relax a little.

PT and OT working Christian out.

Hip rotation to warm up those hips and get him in a sitting position.

Sorry about the cleavage shot but it's not often Christian will relax enough to lay against me like this. So tired after swimming, he's actually snuggling with Mommy.

He's also been moving his arms a lot. In fact, when he woke up today he stretched his arms straight up over his head, both of them! It was so cute!

Christian also had tummy time like usual at night before bed. He started using his left hand to push as if he was trying to push himself up to a roll. He had his head going with it, too. I know this picture looks like I'm torturing him but he's moving his head a slightly back and forth. Besides, it gets him to move his head when his face is flat on the bed.

"If I can just...figure...out how to use these things called arms I would be on my back in no time!"

As for discharge...grrr. We need the doctor's blessing and he's MIA for the week. Wonderful. And the social worker is way over worked so I don't expect him to work on my behalf. Just tell me what needs to be done and I'll do it. I really don't mind. The doctor's assistant said, "It is a possibility," when I asked him if we could discharge next week. Vague much? Anyway, stay tuned.


maz said...

Aaawwww....little man! Love the swimming pics and makes me mush seeing him snuggling his mummy! And the movements...these are all him doing it, not reflexive, aren't they?! Yippeee....:o)

Annoying, annoying about the discharge.....hope they can find someone to discharge you. Seems just crazy that you're tapping your fingers waiting around for some rubber stamp by the awol Dr?!

Thinking of you guys...

Trisha said...

FX you get to go home next week!!

Love the pics!!!! Just precious to see him snuggle with mama!!! <3

gavman306 said...

Great pics...and the snuggle one...awww!! He has come soooo far, as you obviously know, just to see it in pictures is amazing! I hope you guys can get your butts home soon!! You're doing an awesome job, both of you! Keep amazing us!!
God Bless!

Jendioguardi said...

I love the new pix Shauana! He's come such a long way and is doing so well. You're such an amazing mom!! You blogs lift me up and help me to remember that there is, in fact, a God and he works miracles everyday! Keep up the good work Christian! We're all so proud of you buddy! HUGS!

Clara said...

The progress we see through the pictures you post is amazing. We thank God for his miracles and ask for them to continue!

Brooke said...

Love love love love the snuggle shot!! Precious!! Thank you so much for sharing more pictures with us!!! I love seeing that strong little man in his recovery process!!! How precious that must have been for you to see him stretch those arms over his head!! :-)
Hoping everything works out for discharge Shauna!!!!! XOXO

Lou S said...

Look at the cool dude!
He is looking so great, you must be soo pleased.
Logging on and seeing his updates bring such a smile to my face, it must be awesome for you as his Mum!

Much love to you from me and mine to you and yours

minneymouse said...

Wow Christian fantastic job!!! You to mom :-)
Getting anyone in the hospital to getting the first departure date is tough! Everyone is always on vacation when you need them. Keep it up, almost home !

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