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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Next 24

Ugh!!! I'm a dummy. I can't decide whether this is my fault or my stupid day planner's fault but the care plan appointment is tomorrow! I will blame my day planner because it lists the calendar Monday through Sunday rather than Sunday through Saturday like a normal calendar. So when I wrote in the appointment, it looked like Tuesday. I cancelled HBOT and everything so now I have to do it again tomorrow and reschedule two HBOT sessions! Ah well. Annoying, but not the end of the world.

So as not to waste a whole day, I spoke with the social worker about discharge and it looks like (fingers crossed) we're looking at the first week in September. I'm so excited! We just have to get all of our medical equipment ready for us in Tucson so it will be ready for us when we get there. I feel comfortable with that amount of time because I want to get some more therapy and HBOT in before we depart from Phoenix for good. I will keep everyone posted about our move back to Tucson because I will hardly be able to contain myself. The rest of my life is in Tucson and we will finally be back together as a family.

Christian is doing really well. The physical, occupational, and speech therapists have meetings and when I meet with them they'll say things like, "I heard in our meeting Christian is doing really well." It makes me all warm and fuzzy because as a mom you think everyone is behind your back saying "Oh, poor thing, it's really all in her head." To hear validation is so very sweet.

So the next 24 hours are pretty important. I will FINALLY have the meeting tomorrow (thanks for all of your prayers about today, I'll take them with me tomorrow). Christian will do his first night with his PMV. It will be his first 24 hours. And we have another swimming therapy session tomorrow. I WILL BRING MY CAMERA THIS TIME....AND I WON'T FORGET THE MEMORY CARD. Let me get that into my brain.

One of the comments on my last blog asked me what I'd like to be prayed for. To all of you who have prayed for Christian and had faith in him I endlessly thank you. Prayer works and if you don't believe me, I'll call you on the phone while Christian is coughing so you can hear just exactly what prayer can do. Do you all remember when I asked for prayers for a strong cough? It just gives me chills.

As for what to pray for next (as if I haven't already asked so much of your time for prayers) if you have a few moments to spare, please pray for his cry. I so badly want to hear it.

And just a closing thought -
Silly doctors...
"...That's what it means to have faith. There's stuff you don't know." - Joyce Mayer


Brooke said...

Praying for his cry Shauna!! I know you'll hear it one day!! Your mistake about the dates and the meeting just makes you human........I like the Day Planner blame though. Makes COMPLETE sense!! ;-). I remember praying for Christian to be able to come home with you.......and now just a few short weeks you'll have you're whole family under one roof again....AWESOME!!! Take care of yourself mommy!! Hugs and prayers!!!XOXO

Sarah said...

I remember when he coughed and gagged - we were all SO PROUD!!! So now onto praying for a cry - I can't wait for you to hear that mama!!

You are an awesome SuperMom Shauna!! xo


ferfischer said...

It's scary and exciting to go home, all at the same time! You'll do great! Also, his "voice" is coming, I promise! Maybe it won't be the cry you're used to, but a cry, nonetheless! Hang in there!

maz said...

I have had the same day planner issue with the Monday and Sunday business and missed a Dr's appt cos of it. Grrr.....its the planner - not you!!! :o) GOOD LUCK for TOMORROW with the care plan meeting - and with remembering the camera AND memory stick! Good Luck tomorrow to little man for his trip to the pool. And prayers for his

Trisha said...

SO MANY prayers for Christian to cry! I can only imagine how badly you want to hear him!

Tracy said...

Prayers for Christians cry going up each and every day! What an awesome job He is doing in Christian. There are big things ahead for your little boy.

btw...just got my keychain yesterday. Pink!

Lisa said...

Funny you should ask for prayers for his cry, as this afternoon my 11 1/2 month baby girl was so exhausted (i did way too many errands today, yikes!) she had a "tired meltdown" and wouldn't stop sobbing. As I held her tight to me trying to relax her, I thanked God for her cry and prayed that Christian would find his. He will, I absolutely believe that! However, I will continue to pray for strong coughs and that cry to come. Good luck with your meeting tomorrow, all will be well!
Be well,
Lisa :)

Tara said...

many prayers for his cry.


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