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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Internet Troubles

So Annoyed! I'm trying to download a video of Christian and the head balancing practice we do every night. But every site is giving me issues probably because of the wifi service I'm logged on to. So pictures soon to come. But probably not until tomorrow.

Stay tuned...

Quick Update:
Christian seems to have woken up a little in the past few days. He's been on his PMV pretty much nonstop for three days now. He's awesome. The RT said she was going to talk to his doctor to see if we could do some capping trials. Already?!?! At night Christian is a little wiggle worm with his arms. We also do some head exercises and relaxation techniques. The video I'm attempting to post will show some of his movement. Seriously, it's like a newborn baby. It may not seem like much to you, but he really has come a LONG way.

Like I said...stay tuned! Someday I'll get this uploaded!


Brooke said...

Looking forward to the video Shauna! That's just awesome about the trach capping!! Yay!!! Continued prayers and support for you and Christian!!! XOXO

Pam said...

I think you are an awesome mom. Just wanted to let you know....
Pam from South Carolina

gavman306 said...

Great news!!Can't wait to see a video of it all!! So many prayers coming your way!!
God Bless You!!!

Caroline said...

Shauna, he's totally come a long way! Being aware right from the beginning, we saw how he was. You could see it in pictures...this is awesome!

I know you think you should have been more proactive in keeping that trach out, but perhaps that's just what he needed to kickstart his recovery, making it easier for him to breath, so he could get to this point....and since he's becoming such a pro at the PMV (and hopefully the capping soon enough), you'll look back in ten years, and the scar will have faded mostly, and you'll think the trach was a distant memory..I hope that you find yourself there some day soon!

Thinking of you guys today!

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