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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Dear God,
Thank you for this day!
Shauna, Manny, Gabe, and Christian

What a big day! It was Christian's very 1st birthday and we are so thankful that we made it here. I'm so proud of how far he has come. He blows me away every day. But the day didn't come without tears and reflection about the past year. I see him and I wonder what he'd be doing if the accident hadn't happened. I wonder how much fun he would have had diving into his first cake. But I have to go back to what is now. And what is now is a little boy who struggled to get where he is and who is still fighting to make sense of everything and heal. A little bit more of him comes back everyday. And I know in my heart there will be a birthday, maybe even the next one, that he will be diving into a cake and running around with his Converse high tops.

Manny and Gabe came to Phoenix today and it was so great to see them that I didn't want them to go. Manny brought a birthday cake for Christian and they both brought Spongebob Squarepants cards (that was the theme of the cake, by the way). Gabe wrote, "Keep Fighting!" in his and I lost it right then and there. That, on top of Manny's card to his son...I couldn't hold it in anymore. Being a part from them is hard. We aren't a family that does a whole lot separately. But while they were here we watched Lemony Snickett's A Series of Unfortunate Events and Farris Beuhler's Day Off. Gabe had never seen Farris Beuhler so we had to watch it. And the Respiratory Therapist came in while we were watching it and asked if the movie was any good and if it's new. What!?!?! Are you from Mars, lady? It's a classic! Then we played a long game of Uno, which I won. That's right! We sang happy birthday to Christian and had cake. It was a nice time. But I still didn't want them to go.

Christian in his "Birthday Boy" shirt!

Asleep after all the birthday madness.

After they left, Christian and I did some stretching and joint compression. I sat him up for a while and laid him against me on his tummy, which he relaxes right into. He even fell asleep while laying on me. All the stretching and range of motion activities usually tires him out so he's sleeping peacefully right now. We got a TON of toys to hang all over the walls and crib that will wake his senses up. So he's had a busy day. A big day.

Mommy loving all over Christian. I can't get enough of this kid!

I didn't really watch all of Series of Unfortunate Events, which is a movie I love, but I woke up at the end just in time to hear a message. The very last lines of the movie, and I can't quote exactly, but they hit home. It goes something like this: A series of what seems like unfortunate events may be just the beginning of a journey...and no matter where we are as long as we have each other, we have our family and we are home. Today we were home.


Ginny said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby boy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Kyles said...

Happy Birthday Christian!! What a super cool cake! :))
Roll on the 2nd birthday!
Stay strong mum!! xxxx

Caroline said...

Christian! That's a great cake! Happy Birthday little man! We are always thinking of you. I tell everyone I know your story and ask for prayers. Gabe is right, "Keep Fighting!" We want to see you diving into your second cake!

Jendioguardi said...

Happy birthday baby boy! You are amazing!! The movie quote almost brought me to tears and was so incredibly moving. I will repost this quote for my friends and family to see because sometimes we need to be reminded of the most important things in life. You are doing an awesome job Shauna!! We are all with you, supporting you, encouarging you, praying with and for you. Christian is an increbily lucky little guy to have you in his life. Much love and prayers!!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Christian! It is great that you were able to celebrate together as a family. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily and I'm so happy you're beginning HBOT this week. You are well on your way to smashing cake next year!

Gabriella said...

Happy birthday little Chrsitian, we are thinking of you every day. The last picture of you holding him made me tear up, keep fighting little guy.

Pippa said...

Happy birthday Christian (again) =)

Farris Beuhler's Day Off..... is totally a classic. I loved that film and I will show my kids it when they are old enough - ha ha!!

Anyway Shauna, we are moving tomorrow (and emigrate to Australia on 8/8 - post on Aug 2008 Moms) so I will not have an internet connection for a while but will catch up with Christian when I can along the way =)

Good Luck and I will keep on praying for Christian!

sunflourchic said...

so glad you were all together for christian's first birthday.

the quote gave me goosebumps. so true....

have a good night christian! big hugs and kisses.

Jay said...

Happy birthday Christian :) *HUGE hugs* mama XXX

Eliisa said...

Happy Birthday, Christian. Keep Fighting is right!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Christian!

I have been following your story. It has touched me. I pray that Christian continues to improve every day and that someday you will see your precious little boy walking, talking, and playing like he had been before. You are in my thoughts. Stay strong Momma, you can do this! Keep fighting Christian, you have so much to fight for! Life is a wonderful journey.


ferfischer said...

I have never seen that movie - but, this series of unfortunate events has also brought us together, and brought a lot of people into our journeys. For this I am thankful.

Happy Birthday Christian!

lisas said...

what a cool cake!
shauna i'm so happy that you were able to calebrate christian's birthday as a family.
your quote brought tears to my eyes but it's true you know. i keep praying and visualizing your little guy walking, talking and 'tearing down your house' :)
keep fighting christian!
love, lisa

Martha Orduno said...

Estamos orgullosos de ti Shauna (eres una mujer muy valiente) y maravillados de ver como cada dia nuestro Dios esta obrando en la vida de Christian.

Recibe todo nuestro amor

Fernando, Martha, Yoav y Omar Orduño

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