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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Charlie Brown

I have to share pictures of how far my baby has come! I love love love him! If you look closely, and I mean REALLY closely, you can see a whisper of a mohawk, courtesy of Daddy.

My little Charlie Brown

Daddy and Christian

Daddy and Christian pouting.

And this is what happens when Daddy comes to visit.


cjeschor said...

These pictures show a miracle in progress. That little boy so very happy in the photograph at the top of your blog is still with you. God is at work and He loves each one of you so very much!

Jen said...

that is what Daddy's are for!

love the CB t-shirt

Donna and Jim said...

He does look alot better. What a little sweety. I too love his shirt. So cute!

Lou S said...

Oh check him out!
I am from way over here in the UK, and we are praying for your little man from across the miles.
He is looking great!

Tara said...

He looks awesome Shauna. saying a prayer for your little boy every night! He looks so strong and he is a fighter.

Your hubby is too cute in those pics!

Jendioguardi said...

I love his Charlie Brown look. He's adorable. He looks so wonderful!!! Keep goin' buddy! We're all here cheering you on!!

Lisamichel29 said...

Shauna, You don't really know me but I have been reading about Christian's progress everyday - Im on FF and saw his story - He has made such wonderful progress - He looks absolutly amazing!! Keep it up Mommy - he is so lucky to have you as a mommy!! I find myself thinking about you guys everyday and I hope he continues to keep making such wonderful progress!!


Suzanne said...

He's such a beautiful boy! His progress is so amazing. Keep up the positive attitude! Having such a supportive, loving mother is helping him SO much! Keep it up Shauna!

Shelley said...

He looks adorable! He really has made amazing progress. I'm praying for a great week of therapy for your little guy!

maz said...

AAAwwwww....wee man! He is looking sooo much better! His progress is just leaps and bounds - and you can see it in his pics. Love the sunglasses pic...what a dude! :o)

Marilyn said...

Shauna, he looks so good! There is definitely a spark in his eyes that wasn't there in earlier pictures.

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