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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bragging Rights


Okay, I know I promised video, but I have had ABOUT ENOUGH of trying to upload video!!! It's driving me insane. I waited half an hour to upload on youtube only to be told there was an error. That's it! Pictures will just have to suffice and I'm equally proud of them. So here are some pictures of Christian during his physical therapy sessions. Upon admission, children are assigned therapy based on ability and potential to improve. When we arrived I asked specifically how much physical therapy was on the schedule for Christian and I was told 3-5 days a week, more if he responds and/or improves. The theory here is that if he improves, he gets more. If children do not show improvement, they get less. There is no reading into it. It's a crappy policy, but it is what it is. Well, he's shown so much improvement that he's on schedule for 5 days a week!

Weight baring exercises, putting Christian on all fours.

Bending knees to his chest. This is a chore because his tone makes him have very straight and tight legs.
Practicing head strengthening. He does pretty well but always wants to throw his head back in an arch. We use my leg to brace him on his stomach and because I was trying to take a picture (without the flash because the flash is aggravating), my other knee was trying to make sure he didn't hurt himself while throwing his head back. Yes, I'm a mom of many talents.
This is Christian attempting to roll off of my leg.
Resting after a long and tiring head balancing session.
Some really promising changes...I saw a facial expression. Yup! It was a scowl and he's done it more than once. In the past couple of days it seems he's been trying to communicate when he's pissed. He breaths out really hard and it lightly hits his vocal cords so it sounds like a whispering growl if that makes any sense. Then I saw it...a scowl. His little eye brows slightly pinched together, and I mean slightly. But he's done it more than once and my husband saw it so I know I'm not seeing things. And, of course, it always happens when he's mad. He just seems like he wants to communicate something and he can't...yet.

Christian has also shown a lot of interest in moving around. It especially happens at night around 9PM. He gets his arms going and he seems to have a lot of interest in rolling, and not by accident. It really seems that he is emerging from this shell. He's starting to show these signs of life...signs of Christian. He's squeaking and growling and rolling and punching his way back to us. God, he's such a fighter. I am amazed by human strength, but mostly I'm amazed by this little creature that has fought his way back to life and is fighting his way back to us. I couldn't be more proud of him.

Manny came to visit last night and left today. We got to take Christian on his first day trip (besides hyperbarics) with Mommy and Daddy! We took him to the park, which probably would have been out of the question any other day here in Phoenix because of the excessive heat. However, it rained last night and was slightly cloudy today so it was really nice out. We laid out a blanket under a large, shady tree and laid Christian down. It was beautiful. Not just the day, but the situation. The only thing missing was Gabe because he stayed with his Nana and will come tomorrow. But other than that, it was a beautiful day. Christian was so relaxed, he fell asleep under that shady tree. Damn, he's come a long way.
Sleepy Baby

And, of course, Mom of the Year forgot her camera AGAIN. I had plans to take these great pictures and I left the camera behind. When am I going to learn??? I'm going to tattoo the message, "Do Not Forget Your Camera" across my hand. Thank God for camera phones.
Christian and Mommy
Christian and Daddy

And another picture just because I think he looks so damn good in this one.

On the way to HBOT in my big boy carseat, just Mommy and me.

So it's been a really great few days, especially because of all of the little developments that have been happening lately. Is it HBOT? I believe so but ask me in about 10 more treatments. Is it Christian's innate ability to recover? I'd have to answer with an emphatic ABSOLUTELY.

Good days, great progress, and home sweet home in sight. It's been a nice few days. And I found a really good caramel popcorn that is close to my favorite from Disneyland. Score.


Rochelle said...

Shauna, I loved seeing the new pictures. I agree that Christian looks great. I think from where I sit and peek into the daily therapies and such through your updates, one of the biggest changes I see from the pictures is how much better Christian's color looks - his face is brighter, eyes are more open and normal looking as if he's definitely focusing more, etc. I am so proud of his accomplishments - each and every one of them no matter how small - each is very significant and he's making great progress. Glad you got to have a park visit with Manny and Christian as I am sure that means a great deal to just have time alone together with each other and your baby boy. Hope you enjoy tomorrow's visit with Gabe, too. Hugs and prayers for Christian and your family as you enter a new week. Looking forward to reading more updates with even more accomplishments and new reasons to celebrate! Have an AWESOME week!

gavman306 said...

MOG Shauna, he is so unbelievable!!!! I love the new pictures, he looks great!! Words can't even say how happy I am for you guys! Keep going Christian!
God Bless!!!!

Sarah said...

Wow I have little goose bumps reading this! He is doing so well Shauna!!

Go SuperBaby!


maz said...

He is *just* doing fantastically well! I love all the pics...and brag away! You can really see such an improvement in him. So lovely to see you guys out and about with him too. Not long before home-time either and all the gang back together...woo hoo!!!! :o)

GnJand Hailey said...

Shauna, He looks so good. You can tell he is focusing more,his color looks so good. I love to check for his updates. I do not always post a comment but I check often. I have been on vacation without internet access since 8/15 so today is the first day I have checked. I am so happy for you guys.

minneymouse said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics!!!! What a busy bee Christian is. Love that he is scowling too!!!
Becca, Jasper's mum

Cassie said...

Wondeful pictures. He is making such great progress! So glad I came by to check on him and saw really good news.

Melody said...

I'm so happy to see and read about his wonderful progress! Christian is the biggest little fighter ever. I'm so glad you've had such a promising week with him!

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