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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So Glad You're Here

Christian breathed on his own for the first time! I'm so proud of him! He worked so hard and then physical therapy was right afterward. He was so tired! But he did great! More weaning of the machine tomorrow.

I really think Christian likes singing. There was a moment a couple days after the accident when he was lying in his hospital bed totally out of it. A friend of the family sent her priest over to see Christian. He started singing a hymn and it was really moving. Then he started singing something upbeat and Christian opened his eyes and stared right at him! It was amazing. I sing to him sometimes before bed. And he seems to respond to it. I don't know how I know but I just know. I think it's mommy intuition. Daddy got Christian some Converse high tops, which the Physical Therapist was really happy about. We'll post pictures of him in his cool new shoes tomorrow.

I get a lot of questions about how Gabe is doing. He is doing well. He's not really an expressive child. I don't think he understands how serious Christian's needs will be in the future. I stayed the night with him Monday night and I'm staying with him tonight. He's very sensitive so I'm sure he's feeling something but he doesn't know how to let it out. But we're trying to do "normal" things like guitar practice and pizza and movies so he feels comfortable again. Even if we don't.

I also got some inquiries asking about what it was like to spend the night at home for the first time. Terrible. I feel like the house is a dark place once filled with loud noises, yelling, things being thrown on the floor, laughing, and giggling. Now it's just quiet. I don't feel comfortable here. I can't sleep in my bed because Manny is at the hospital and Christian is there, too. I hardly slept Monday night away from the hospital but last night when I returned, I slept like a baby.

I do want to say that I feel so blessed. Manny was talking to the fireman who handles PR and media for the fire department that responded to my 911 call. This man checks up on us weekly to report any updates to the media. Manny was telling him about Christian's progress and the fireman asked if we'd been watching the news. Not so much. He said there were 5 other incidences involving drowning and near drowning in the last two weeks in Tucson alone. Not all of them survived. In fact, two babies, age 2 and 3 were victims today and didn't make it. This hit so close to home for me because we were right there thinking Christian was gone two weeks ago today. It's a miracle he's here and praise God he's with us, in whatever capacity. I love him so much and he's here fighting his way back.

When he was born I used to look at him in his baby perfection and all I could muster up was telling him, "I'm so glad you're here." Now, I tell him that everyday.


gavman306 said...

I am happy the breathing is going so well for him, and I will pray that it continues to go just as well. Before you know it he will be breathing on his own all the time. I have a child, like gabe, who doesn't let things out or show how he is feeling or thinking, but he will in his time if he needs to, it's great that you guys are keeping things"normal" for him. I am so sorry you feel that way when you sleep at home, totally understnadable. Things will be better when you get Christian home, and your family is together again. It may take a little while, but it will hapeen, and be forever.

It is terrible to hear of the other cases of drowning where you live, I can't even imagine.

Can't wait top see Christian in his new sneaks, that must be soo cute!!!

Keep fighting Christian, show those doctors what your made of!!! Keep staying strong Shauna, your an amazing mom!!!
God Bless

Cindy said...

We're so happy that Christian is still here as well, and we're fighting along with him every step of the way. I'm so sorry about the other tragedies. We'll continue to pray for Christian -- he's come so far already, and will only continue on the road to his recovery! HUGS!

ferfischer said...

Certainly this has given me a perspective that I would not have had before. I'm grateful every day, even when I'm going nuts! It also sounds like Christian would love some music therapy! A lot of kids like classical or opera to start! And I know exactly what you are feeling - down to the "going home" part. Hugs!

Jendioguardi said...

Christian and his incident, progress, and just being here is a miracle. You are truly blessed and we are all here with you, praying, fighting, and supporting in whatever way we can. I just learned this morning that my brother in law was in a near drowning accident when he was 2. He's now in his mid thirties and a firefighter!!! Miracles do happen and Christian is another example of God's great work. I am continuing to pray for him everyday. Much love!!!

Jen said...

Breathing on his own, even if it is once is such a huge feat for those fragile little lungs. Once means he can do it, and just needs to get stronger!!!! God works miracles in so many ways.

So glad your little one is still here fighting the good fight, it is sad that others didn't get the chance. We have had so many incidents in our town that there are even laws about locked fences in yards with 2 inches of water in a kiddie pool.

Can't wait to see pictures of his new chucks.

As for the music... We played music for all of our kids while in the NICU or PICU. We would play anything, classic rock, classical, reggae, blues, jazz, you name it (other than country or rap). I found it soothed them, and blocked out all the beeping, buzzing, humming, and pumping noises all the machines made. I always found it made their minds think much more, not so much robotic noise. Just set on real low, the nurses even relaxed more when they came in.

maz said...

Hurrah for Christian....what a great step breathing on his own! Always in my thoughts...

Eliisa said...

That last paragraph did me in. So sweet. I can't wait to see him in his chucks!

Brooke said...

I am SO glad Christian wasn't one of *those* statistics!! Through our prayers, your love and his strong personality he WILL come farther than anyone expects!!! I look forward to seeing his progress daily!!!!!

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