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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Exceeding Expectations

Today was a big day. First it was Gabe's 11th birthday. We had a little party for him in the evening while my mother in law stayed with Christian. Gabe and his friends ran around like maniacs and, of course, Manny joined in the fun racing go carts and playing laser tag. He's such a big kid.

Manny also bakes some pretty over the top cakes so this one was no different. Two years ago it was a skateboard. It's always a highlight so here are some pics.

Seriously, Manny designed and made this cake. It was chocolate with chocolate moose and strawberries in the middle. He also used Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for the buttons. It was delicious and I am exhausted.

It was also Christian's last day as a PICU patient and I'm writing my last blog on my last night in the PICU. It's become home but I'm excited for our next endeavor.

Christian did some fun things today. He's been yawning more so that's always cute. I even got some video of it. I also talked to the nurse practitioner who's kind of like the head nurse but not really. She doesn't have any one patient, she just oversees all of them but not the nurses. Make sense? Well, she's been here since the first day we arrived. Today she actually said, "...well, we'll have to see because Christian keeps exceeding expectations...." What?!?! I knew this, of course, as his mother, but to here a professional say this made my day.

I also talked to her about reflexive movements and I told her that I swear he's trying to suck on his hand. At first I thought maybe it was a coincidence - his reflexive arm movements meeting his head coming down. This coincidence has happened more than once but today Christian was out to prove us wrong. He wanted that fist! I told the nurse about this to see what she would say. She said, "It's not really a reflexive movement. Was he actually sucking his hand?" At the time I answered no because he wasn't. But then later in the day he was able to get his fist in between his lips and he made sucking motions. He wasn't sucking his hand but he seemed to be putting two and two together. I almost ran out of the room to hunt down the nurse because she had decided it was probably coincidence that his hand was coming up while his head was coming down. I grabbed my camera and started clicking and recording. I was going to get this recorded so I know I wasn't crazy.
I wanted to post the recording, but it was taking forever and I don't have the patience tonight. Maybe I'll figure it out later.

But I can provide pictures because I'm a paparazzi mama.

"I think I can...I think I can..."

For nothing is impossible with God. - Luke 1:37


maz said...

Beautiful, awe-inspiring pics - you show 'em Christian!!! And I love his miracle baby T-shirt...perfect!

So glad the party for Gabe went well. What a great birthday cake Manny made!

Will be thinking of you today (as always) in your move to Phoenix. Big kisses to Christian...((((Shauna))))

sunflourchic said...

So glad that Gabe had a great birthday! Does Manny take special orders on birthday cakes? Turned out great!

Have a safe trip to Phoenix today with your little miracle baby (love the shirt.) As always, lots of hugs and kisses for Christian.

Emilia's Mama said...

I got chills seeing those pics of him trying to suck on his hand. WOW!!!! So happe Gabe had a great day! :) Good luck with the move. What great strides you all are making. Have a safe trip!

Rochelle said...

I think you're right - looks like he's going for the fist in the mouth to me. Keep it up, Christian! You show those doctors and nurses just what all you can do.

Gabe's cake rocks! Excellent cake making skills, Manny! I'm super impressed. I'm sure Gabe and his friends loved the cake and enjoyed the party to celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday, Gabe!

I love the tshirt Christian is wearing in the pictures. Not sure where you got it but its perfect! And a good reminder to all that encounter Christian in his care that he is a miracle and that your faith in his healing and future are within God's hands!

Hoping today brings good things for you as you move to Pheonix. I am praying for more miracles as you transition to the rehab facility and Christian is able to get new doctors and nurses. I am praying that all of them will be more encouraging and supportive to you and Christian during your stay there, and during his treatments. Remain strong and stay focused. He'll keep exceeding those expectations! :)

ferfischer said...

What an AWESOME cake! Does Manny offer any cake baking/decorating lessons for husbands (or wives like me, for that matter)?

Also wanted to wish you happy u/s day! And, safe travels to Phoenix. He's one step closer to being home.

Oh, and I definitely see purpose in those pictures. Our OT and ST tells us constantly about the progress in putting a hand/fist to the mouth - it's a HUGE step and one that's really important for soothing, eating and everything. Don't underestimate, and don't doubt any sort of purposeful movement - because even movement by accident/reflex is still learning for him! WTG!

dorothy said...

Right on! Nothing is impossible with God! He already performed many miracles with your little Christian! I pray for Christian so much! Praise God for the miracles and expect more!

kiera said...

What an awesome birthday cake!! Happy Birthday Gabe!!! Those pics of Chrisitan are amazing....he has definately exceeded many many expectations!!

Suzanne said...

Christian is amazing and I think it's so great that he's exceeding their expectations. I have a feeling he will continue to do so. I love that you're able to document his progress so you can look back and be continually amazed at how far he's come. I'm glad he's on to the next stage in his journey and hope that HBOT that he's going to receive will help him to heal. I'm so amazed by how strong and determined he is. He shows that every day!

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