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Thursday, July 23, 2009

24 Pound Newborn

Another day goes by when I'm ecstatically happy about Christian's progress, the fact that he's here, and that many people who have shown support for my Christian. I'm just floored by it.

Christian made great strides today and breathed on his own for 9 hours (and still counting). He will be put back on the vent for the night just to give him a rest since he worked so hard! I think he needs a rest, too, but I overheard the doctor saying, "Hopefully, this will be the last time on the vent." HOPEFULLY!!! I'm so excited about this. We've even started talking about his discharge and transfer to the transition facility in Phoenix. He won't go down to the regular Peds floor, which surprised me. He'll go straight to Phoenix and this will occur in the next 2 weeks, I believe. Wow! I'm excited about this because I can get a referral to the Ronald McDonald House and stay there with Christian or my husband has relatives there. But I'm even more excited because Christian will get additional rehabilitation services AND I'll be able to visit the HBOT center of AZ and maybe, possibly get him some treatments after discharge while we're up there. It will be quite the adventure. Of course, I'll need to come back to Tucson every now and then and make sure Manny and Gabe come visit me because they need Mama, too.

Accomplishments of the day...of course, the breathing. Christian's eyes have also been shifting more, trying to focus, and moving around with control. I also swear that I saw his mouth start to move a little. But he looks beautiful...just like my Christian. If you want to know what Christian is like right now he's like a 24 pound newborn. He moves like a newborn, eats like a newborn, and sleeps like a newborn. I love my giant newborn.

I also started a foundation account for donations made to go to Christian's care. It's called The Christian Quintero Foundation. Now all donations will go right into his account. I'm so proud because it will help him in his recovery and I can't wait! I also love when I get stuff done and don't procrastinate. This is just too important.

We had our first trach care classes and we learned about trach suctioning. We actually have to do this in order to "pass" our trach class so Manny and I both got to suction Christian's trach. Talk about nerve wracking! It isn't the procedure, it's the keeping everything completely sterile. This won't be an issue at home as much as it is in the hospital because of all of the constant germs he's exposed to here.

And without further ado...Christian's Chucks, as promised.

Daddy brings Christian cool, new high tops.

A little more posing fun.


Eliisa said...

The shoes rock. I mean, the breathing thing is ok, too, but those SHOES! ;) He's SUCH a cutie!

Bianca said...

:D I love those shoes! It was great to see you guys today and can't believe he went over 9 hours!

Pippa said...

Yay for 9 hours+ of breathing on his own =) Fantastic job Christian!

I just *love* those boots - hee hee! Christian is the cool kid now ;-)

Love and prayers as always.

Buzz said...
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Buzz said...

His shoes look great, but more importantly, Christian is doing so well! I'm continuing to pray for your family and a quick recovery. What a fighter you have!

gavman306 said...

YAY for the breathing!!! He has GOT to be the coolest kid in the hospital with those shoes!! You guys are doing awesome, so so so happy to hear about the breathing....And I love "my giant newborn!!"
God Bless You!!!!

Brooke said...

SO glad to hear of such GREAT progress Shauna!! What a cool dude he is in those Converse shoes!! I am just thrilled about his breathing on his own.......soon he won't even need the vent at night!! Prayers and hugs from Florida!!!!!

lilmojo said...

Shauna I've been reading your blog every morning and I have to say that you and Christian have been so inspiring. You are so courageous and little Christian is such a fighter. His constant progress amazes me! Just shows how much the power of love and prayer have!

PS. Love them Chucks!

Tara said...

so glad he is doing well Shauna. Way to go for breathing on your own Christian. Love the shoes! I think we may get Collin some for the fall. Mallory had some pink ones. I love converse!

Brent, Ashley, & Avery said...

How stinking cute is he in those shoes!!! Avery has a pair of tiny little pink ones. He looks like he's making some major progress, you guys are constantly in my thoughts & prayers.

kiera said...

His shoes rock!!!!!! Great job on the breathing Christian!!!!

GnJand Hailey said...

Love the Chucks!! WAY TO GO CHRISTIAN!!!

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